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NaNoWriMo Countdown – 4: What To Write…



This is me when NaNoWriMo is four days away and I have no idea what to write.

Yes. Here we are. It is October the 28th, 2014. A Tuesday, if you care.

It snowed all day yesterday, but was too warm for any of it to stick around. Today was equally drab. But, you’re not here to read about the weather in Saskatoon…are you?

Oh, you are. Okay. Well, last February (don’t quote me, I could be TERRIBLY wrong) or at some point in the last year or two, Saskatoon reached so low a temperature that, for a day, it was literally the COLDEST place on Earth. Colder than the Arctic, colder than the Antarctic and, with most certainty, colder than India (am I right, Shaun, or am I right?)

Seriously, though. You’re not here to read about Saskatchewan weather. You’re here because the title of this post mentions NaNoWriMo and you want to read something novel. (hahahahahah haha ha)

Do you know why Canadians are so prone to talking about the weather? It’s because weather patterns are unpredictable. You never know what to expect, or when to expect it. Change is so sudden, that weather is actually the most riveting discourse one can have (mostly).

But I digress.

Seriously. Let’s talk NaNo.


Do you see why I generally have no idea what to write for NaNo? It’s because instead of actually thinking about NaNo, I think about the weather. And the way my pinky has such trouble typing. And that cracked nail on my third toe. And…

Yeah. I may have ADHD. No, I really don’t. More like an aversion to planning. And thinking ahead.

So, when it comes to WHAT I’M WRITING for NaNoWriMo…it can change at a moment’s notice.

Right now, I think I’ll write the newest addition to my Demonria series, Saints of the Silence. This will be book number five for all of you who haven’t taken the time to check me out on NaNo and see that I wrote the first four books for previous NaNos (2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 – to be PRECISE).

I’m not really sure what point this post serves, except to say that NaNoWriMo happens in four days. Or three (technically) if you’re a picky jerk.


Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve written such a useless post. But this gets at the hardest part about NaNo – it’s choosing an idea that will carry you through the entire month. It’s creating a story that can keep you motivated to reach that 50,000 word mark.

If you’re like me, you’ll understand that the problem is not coming up with one idea but, rather, choosing one out of the plethora of ideas stored away in your head – not to mention all the new ones that pop up each day unexpectedly.

So, while I think I’ll be writing Demonria: Saints of the Silence, I really can’t say FOR SURE until November 1st. Call me crazy, but it works. (This is the part where I could brag about my eight consecutive ‘wins’ of NaNo, but I won’t.)

Anyway, you already know NaNo is approaching. And I’m guessing you didn’t gain any value in life from this post. So why not turn the tables and give me something to sink my teeth into?

Tell me, dear reader and enthusiast writer, what are you writing this year? Because, while I have a tendency to make everything about me (and really it should be), even I have to admit that NaNoWriMo is about writers everywhere. I am just a teeny brushstroke in that masterpiece. (I’d like to apologize for my modesty. It won’t happen again.)

Cheers to everyone writing this November. Good luck. You can do it.

And, to all of you who won’t do NaNo because you “haven’t had time to think of an idea and plan,” consider me and then reconsider NaNo. If I can sit and ramble about nothing and still manage to keep your attention until the end of this post, surely you can write a little, teeny 50,000-word novel in 30 days.

Embrace the chaos.

Until Next,


P.S. This is tots my 300th post here. I can’t believe I’ve posted 300 things. I also can’t believe I just said ‘tots’.

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Day 10 – A Winter Wonderland

Well, it definitely is a winter wonderland here in Saskatoon. We got around 15 cm of snow overnight, with a warning for 15-25 more this afternoon and evening. Here’s a picture of my back yard.

And here are a couple of my front yard. That sexy, red car is mine. I’m sure if you can see it though, but the snow on the street is pretty much up to the bottom of my car. Not sure how I’ll manage driving.

Which is okay, because today seems like a wonderful day for just staying at home, making some hot coco and writing for NaNoWriMo, doesn’t it?

Too bad I work for ten hours today, then! Commuting might suck, but I’ll try to make my car manage. I hope I can get some words in tonight, and get back ahead on my word count. That would be nice.

Snow can be fun though. Building snowmen, sledding, making snow forts and having snow ball fights. Those were some of the best times of my childhood. I still act like a child most days, but I’m too lazy lately to actually get out of the house and do anything. Oh well. I’m not to lay to make hot coco – the good, homemade way with warm milk, real cocoa powder and sugar! Yum. It’s much better than the packaged stuff you can buy in the store.

On a final note, for those that don’t know Saskatchewan, we’ve had snow since before Halloween and it’s going to stick around till March, maybe even April. So, if you don’t like winter, don’t ever move here because it’s winter here for six months of the year!

So just thought I’d share those couple pictures with you before I go to work. Does anyone live anywhere where you get lots of snow? Do you love it or hate it? And, what’s your favourite winter activity? FYI, drinking hot coco does not constitute as a real winter activity.

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,



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Day 3: When Hell Freezes Over

For those of you in my time zone, or close to it, we’re just beginning Day 3 of NaNoWriMo. It’s 9:00 am, the sun is not shining and outside looks like the North Pole (but I’m too much of cranky nutcase to be Santa Claus). The only good thing about all of this snow is that it fills in all the potholes on the road – this is a big deal because Saskatoon has more potholes and bumps in the road than straight, flat road. Which is ironic because Saskatchewan is so flat that you can watch your dog run away for three days.

Anyways, I have no new piece of writing to post today either. If you’re really all that interested, I should have something in the next few days. I just don’t have much time to edit anything because I’m participating in this tiny little thing called NaNoWriMo. You may not have heard of it….it’s not like it’s been in my blog ten times and I really didn’t have about four posts dedicated to just NaNoWriMo, so don’t feel bad if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Now, I named this post “When Hell Freezes Over”, because when I look outside that’s what I see. It’s only November! I mean, granted if it got any warmer my igloo would melt, but do we really need all this snow? Believe it or not but sled dogs go much faster when there is not a foot of snow to plough through. Can you believe this, eh?

Just for your benefit, the freezing cold and lots of snow part is true. The rest? Well, if you believe that, you should go…….how about just look at a map.

So NaNoWriMo is really happening, we’re already at Day 3. By the end of Day 2 I was at around 9.5k, but I feel like it’s almost time to start falling behind. I work all day today and tomorrow, so won’t have much time to write. And there’s this little exam I have Monday, and another one on Wednesday. And an essay due Wednesday and another one on Friday and the list goes on and on. Sufficed to say, I started strong but I can totally feel it going downhill from here. Of course, I could be writing my novel right now instead of this post, but that would be practical.

And, actually, when I’m not writing I find I’m doing anything but studying. Good ol’ procrastination…we’ve been good buddies for a while now. Like, I’m starting to get addicted to Twitter, I’ve been all over the NaNoWriMo forums and I even offer my parents to help with dishes – just so we’re clear, that never happens. I guess I could clean my room….when you end up having to walk across clothes to get out, I think it’s getting pretty bad. Or, instead of all this crap I could just write. But sometimes that is a challenge. I know what’s going to happen next in my novel, but I stopped writing at midnight last night because I just couldn’t write anymore. If I had the energy of a horny rabbit I could probably go all night – that is, write all night.

So, I’ve got to get some real work done now. Unfortunately I’m talking about this garbage they make you do in school. It’s not fair. I pay so much money for them to give me work? It’s like paying to have a full time job! Anyway, that’s my rant. I’ve got to get cracking so I can finish this stuff before I go to work so that when I get home tonight I can just write.

How’s NaNo going for you guys? Anything exciting going on in your novels? Are you already at that point, like me, where you feel you need to take a break and not think about your novel for a a solid couple hours?

Thanks for reading.

Till Next,


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