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I’ve The Perfect Halloween Cat

(Warning: lazy post)

Meet Elsa. She looks like a cat, but I’m sure she’s an alien in disguise. While she is at least double the healthy weigh for a cat (these pics do her so much justice, you have no idea), she’s managed to survived. Unlike many overweight humans, however, she can still jump onto high places, like this table.


Oh, you couldn’t see her inside all that bag?





That’s all I’ve got.

Happy Halloween!

Till Next,


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When You’re Too Old For Trick-Or-Treating…

So I have no new writing developments to post today either. I’ve just been spending all my time trying to make sure I’m ahead in schoolwork so I can prepare for NaNoWriMo this Thursday! I edited the next bit of Perspective and will be posting that tomorrow – on Halloween, oooooh! Also planned for tomorrow is a post of another horror story I wrote – you can check out the first one here. I could have posted it today, but tomorrow is Halloween so you have to wait till then. This is me assuming you actually are sitting in anticipation for this story. If you’re not, you should either A) humour me, or B) get the hell off my blog – but not literally, because I do like me some page views.

Now that I’ve had my little bout of rudeness, I’ll try to play nice for the rest of this post. No guarantees, though. I am the child of my parents, after all, and my mother did tell her Grade 1 teacher to ‘f*** off’, so you’ll just have bear with me. Don’t be too insulted if it happens to you.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure out something worthwhile to say tonight, but my thoughts keep thinking about Halloween. Yes, it’s tomorrow. Be excited.

I’m not really excited, though, because I get to spend my Halloween doing homework and handing out candy to all those cute little children in their cute little costumes. It may be hard to believe, but I used to be one of those cute little children and not some stuck-up, self-righteous university student. That was then and this is now. You’re just going to have to take me as I am.

The last time I went trick-or-treating was Grade 8, I believe. Those were the good days… All that candy, the sugar highs and the seemingly endless night of running around freezing your little butt offs. Yes, in Saskatoon it’s usually quite cold and sometimes, like this year, there is even snow on the ground. That, I think, was the worst part because you always had to have a costume two sizes too big so that you could fit your winter coat underneath. Then, no matter how much you wanted to look like the real Superman, football player or alien invader, you always just ended up looking like a little, fat pseudo version of the real thing. But you still got to run around and get a whole pillowcase full of candy, so it was well worth the trepidation.

It’s the excitement about Halloween that made it so great. For my family, we didn’t have a lot of money, so we only had the bare essentials growing up. The only times, I mean the ONLY times, we ever got candy was Easter, Halloween, Christmas and, as to be expected, Grandma’s house. So, for us, Halloween was a big thing.

I think it was really special for me because most of my costumes were homemade (except my Superman costume when I was 5), so I got to watch my mom make them and, in most cases, help make them too. Although, how much I actually helped is in question. I was probably more of a creative consultant. I already mentioned some of my costumes, but I also got to be a wizard, Robin (from Batman and Robin), a character from a story I wrote (so no one had a clue who I was) and several others which I honestly can’t remember anymore. Guess they weren’t very good costumes.

I spent my high school Halloweens attending parties – which was great fun and everything, but the free candy was so much better. Last year I had a night class that happened to be on Halloween, so that was kind of drag. So, this year will be the first year I’ll have to hand out the candy to other kids. I’m not going to lie, I do get a little jealous, but it’s nice because I get to reminisce about the ‘good old days’. They’re the ‘good old days’ because, nowadays I have to deal with all this ‘real life’ stuff, which means I have to try and be a little mature and responsible.

So, thanks for reading. Please comment if you feel the need to share your own Halloween story or your favourite costume. I promise I’ll respond with kind words (but I can’t guarantee I won’t make fun of your favourite costume off this blog…. ;)). Well, that’s about all I’ve got patience for. Time to get back to studying. Damn Latin exam tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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