Broken Picture Frames (A Poem)

The few people who have read this poem have all given me the same face. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been misunderstood, or that someone just doesn’t get what you’re saying, you know the face I’m talking about.

I can understand how this poem my seem like it’s a puzzle, or just a show of words, because the lines don’t represent an ‘average’, ‘everyday’ statement. Maybe some people just don’t understand that there is a lot more to poetry than just words. It’s also about the emotion behind the words. I find that a poem can be read in many ways. You can take all of the words for face value, but is that really the whole picture? I don’t feel that it is.

Then again, what do I know. I guess that all of you will just have to decide for yourself what you think of this poem.

Not that I care. ;)


Broken Picture Frames

A Poem by William Louison


Broken picture frames and unending wires

Torn and frayed again in tinsel fires


Ripped up in fear are my seams

Standing here in unhealthy dreams


Jagged cut outs of my scrapbook

Faded half-pictures not worth a look


Comfortable sadness ready to yearn

Scratchy happiness reluctant to learn


Rapture in ribbons lost in reverence

Breathing forgiven found in vigilance


Reaching for healing and all the hate

Protest the dealing nullifying late


Infections can be black and white

Dallying in the gullies of night


Billowy essence fooled for

Dungeon ready forever more


Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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6 thoughts on “Broken Picture Frames (A Poem)

  1. Love it! It’s an awesome poem. But I do see why some people don’t understand it.
    I think a poem like this can have different meanings for the ones who read it.
    Hugz & Love ❤

    • Yeah, I agree. When I read it now, years after I’ve written it, I think, “Wow, this is a masterpiece.” Others might say, “Wow. This guy needs medical help.”
      Different meanings for different readers.
      But thanks, Patty. For the support, comment, hugz and love. 😀
      I give it back.
      Hugs (because I’m not cool enough for hugz) & Love ❤

  2. 😄Everyone gives me THAT face at every poem of mine they read.No wonder..

  3. I love the imagery and the analogies as per my understanding!Keep writing as you do a fine job at it.

    • Thank you. That’s nice to hear. I will keep writing. Not that I would’ve stopped if you said, “Stop writing, you don’t do a fine job of it,” but, you know, such is that. 😛
      But, hey, thanks for the not one, but two comments. 😀 I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
      Feel free to comment again. Twice, to keep up with your standards. lol
      (See, told you I’m crazy)

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