Everyone Remembers Their First…

Two years ago today was when this crazy, stop-and-start blogging journey of mine began. 😀

What If It All Means Something

(Don’t worry. This first post is bound to be just as awkward as that title)

So I’m new to this blogging thing…this is my first post ever, but maybe if someone, somewhere happens to stumble across my page you’ll humour me. I know that EVERYONE probably says this..but I feel like I’ve got something to say. Particularly through writing, which is my passion. That’s why I created this blog…to share my writing with whoever is bored enough to listen. Maybe I’ll share some good stories along the way (I’ll try to add some laughter) and some inspirational moments or photos too. I’m really new to blogging and just starting out so I have no idea where this is gonna go. Maybe you should take a ride with me and follow me on a journey I know less about than you – if you were inside my head, you’d know what…

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