Chains (A Poem)


A Poem by William Louison

Open ended

And not listening

Time is over

There’s nowhere to go


And misjudged

My fate is sealed

I’ve been vilified


There’s something wrong here

I may have cheated death

There’s something not right here

Please don’t let me forget

Everything you’ve said to me

Even those words that scarred

They all have transmuted

Now part of me they are


I cannot be your slave

Your frightened little lackey

Can’t be held by your chains

I am finally aware

And all of your secrets

Meant to hinder me

Fuel my endeavours

To get up and leave


Thanks for reading!

Till next,


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6 thoughts on “Chains (A Poem)

  1. Bee

    Very true and meaningful words

  2. Wow. That’s very powerful!!!

  3. Wow.

    • Well thank you so much! This may give me an excuse to post something again! I really need to get back on here more. I miss it! Thanks!

  4. This poem speaks to me personally at this point in my life. Thanks for posting.

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