Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Life sucks. Just sayin’.

My mom works at the library and today she is working at a different branch than she usually does. In recent years I’ve become her personal chauffeur, but it’s more of a slave because she doesn’t pay me. Not even for gas! Anyways, she wanted a ride home from work today so I said I’d pick her up. She’s done work at 1:00 pm. I decided I would go early. It’s currently 12:40 pm. I wanted to go early so I could go in and look for some books to take out. There’s only one problem. Apparently this branch doesn’t open until 1:00. So says the sign on the locked front door. Great, now I have to wait 20 minutes for my mom and I don’t even get to take out any books! 😦

Well, thankfully I have a WordPress app on my phone so I can sit in my car in the empty parking lot beside this drained, post-apocalyptic looking outdoor swimming pool and write this post. At least I get to do something remotely productive. My only question is…if the library doesn’t open until 1:00 why did my mom work 10:00-1:00? Lots of books to put back on the shelves? Maybe it is just that…oh well. I’ll just sit here and hate my life I guess.

Just kidding. I don’t hate my life nor do I genuinely believe that life sucks, but when you’ve complained all you can about everything already, it’s nice to have one all-encompassing complaint. More broad, less thought involved. It’s like the lazy way to complain – and trust me, if there’s an easier, quicker and lazier way to do anything, I’ll find it. A truly lazy person can find the quickest way to doing anything so that they can get back to doing nothing.

However, the ‘nothing’ that I had in mine was NOT sitting in my car, but rather sitting at home. *sigh*. First world problems, I guess… 😉

I’m only teasing, of course. And I should really take that last joke back because it really is not nice in any way to joke about stuff like that. No matter how funny it may seem.

On that lovely note, I guess this is goodbye for now. I have nothing else to add to this. At least it’s a short post so I didn’t waste TOO much of your time.

Thanks for reading!

Till next,


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2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

  1. Bee

    I know how you feel at times when you get asked this and that from family.

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