This Sucks

So I just wrote a HUGE post about what I’ve been up to lately and why I’ve been so busy and neglecting my blog just a little bit (it was 1,500 words) and when I pressed publish, WordPress ERASED the entire post and published a BLANK post. The ONE time that I don’t pre-type my post in Microsoft Word this happens to me. I HATE MY LIFE.

Okay, that may be an overreaction, but either way I’m not re-writing it tonight. I guess I will do that tomorrow….

Well that’s all folks,

Thanks for bearing with me!


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13 thoughts on “This Sucks

  1. Breath in—-breath out. Smile. It’s not worth getting you BP up over it. (Wish I could follow my own advice. I be throwing my computer out the widow ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When I started experimenting with different pages, I accidently posted to my followers, something that was still in draft form, then had to Trash it, post an apology to everyone, then start allover again!

    I never thought of writing my posts in Word before copy / pasting them into my blog, thanks for that tip ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It can get a little annoying…haha
      And yes, I do recommend writing them in Word before. Then you always have a copy!

  3. WordPress erases my responses all the time. They have some technical issues.

    • Yeah I noticed there are a few quirks in their system. They brag about being the ‘best blogging platform and system’ and it is really easy to use and you can make pretty nice blogs compared to other big sites, but I guess being the ‘best’ has some pitfalls, too…
      Thanks for reading!

      • Yeah it does and I think it’s time that they start working on that. I mean there is such a thing as keeping up with your brand!

        Oh, you got it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That’s extremely frustrating! I didn’t know that could happen!

    • Yeah it can. It happened once before when I saved a post to a draft. The whole post was erased and the draft was saved as a blank post. That was when I first started blogging, and after that I started pre-writing my posts in Word. Until last night…it’s frustrating!

  5. That has happened to me more than once.
    I have found when working on my laptop I have to “turn off the mouse pad” when typing. The slightest accidental touch can erase all. Breathe,it might have happened for a reason unknown to you for now.

    • Yeah…I’m over it. Doesn’t change how mad I was last night when it happened…
      Oh well, life goes on and my blog isn’t that important… (Did I really just say that?)
      haha Thanks for reading!

  6. That’s totally happened to me before, it’s not fun! I mean, you can re-type it, but it’s never the same. Kind of like when your whole computer crashes and half of your novel goes… whoops. But yay! It’s summer! Enjoy every moment of it, as cheesy as that sounds.

    • I know…and once you type it out the first time (and it took so long) you just don’t feel like doing it AGAIN! lol

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