Away For The Weekend

Well, I just spent the weekend off work in Medicine Hat, Alberta. My brother’s been living there for the last four years as he attended the Medicine Hat College. He just graduated this year with his degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication (or something like that).

Anyway, Medicine Hat is a lot smaller than Saskatoon, having only about 60,000 people living there. It’s a quiet little city in Southern Canada, not too far from the border to the USA. Now, Medicine Hat is known as the sunniest and hottest city in Canada, and now I know why. While nearly all of Saskatchewan and most of Alberta still have  quite a bit of snow on the ground, this is what Medicine Hat looked like this weekend (from my brother’s apartment):


It’s just not fair. And even less fair is the fact that, right before my brother came home for Christmas last year and Saskatoon looked like this:


Medicine Hat looked like this:IMG_1647

They practically had NO show all winter, and if it did snow it never stuck around. Now, they get to enjoy spring while I still have my winter tires on.

The only comfort that I can take in all of this is knowing that my brother is now, once again, living in Saskatoon. I hope he enjoys winter here this year as much as we all did last year….


But before I run way to my martial arts class, I figure that while we’re on the subject of my brother it’s only fair that I show you some of his artwork. He’s actually quite good, and has a bit of a unique style.


He loves painting chickens and roosters:


He’s drawn me a few pictures of Superman over the years:


And here’s my personal favourite piece of his. He gave it to me when I told him how much I liked it.


He’s done tones of other stuff, too. All of these are at least two years old (all his newer stuff was with him in Medicine Hat and has been packed away for his move back to Saskatoon. Maybe someday I’ll share some more of his work, because in the last couple of years he’s gotten even better (I guess the schooling helped – go figure).

There’s one last piece of art he created that I’d love to show you all, but most of you have probably seen it before on this blog.


Yes, he designed the cover for my novel, Perspective.

Well, that’s about all of the time that I have today. I better go get some exercise after the HUGE burger I ate this weekend at this awesome, locally owned restaurant that I WISH was in Saskatoon.

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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14 thoughts on “Away For The Weekend

  1. Wonderful to read about your weekend! 🙂
    And I love the orca painting! It’s stunning!

    • Hmm… Can I say ‘orca’ or is that just Dutch rambling? Killerwhale, would be better, no? 🙂

      • And, yes, orca is fine. I actually prefer it because killerwhale sounds kind of juvenile. lol I call it an Orca, too, and I’m not Dutch, so there is no need to worry! 😉 Thanks for stopping by, reading and, especially, commenting! =D

    • =D Thanks!

  2. He has a great artist eye. I personally love snow. I wish I had snow this year.

    • Really? Why didn’t you tell me you loved snow. I love snow, too. I LOVE the years when it snows four feet all winter and you have a nice, decent pile of snow. Not too much shoveling…
      But when it starts snowing several inches every day….that gets crazy. The snow on our lawn was just under seven feet tall. This is the most snow I’ve ever seen in my twenty years here in Saskatoon…. If you wanted some, you should have taken some before it all started melting (because now you’re just going to get all the muddy, dirty, brown, slushy snow that is left – of which there is a lot, mind)!

  3. monkeyfacekim

    He’s a great artist! I love his design for your book, it’s amazing!

    • Thank you so much! I liked my other cover…the horizon photo…but he offered to redesign me a new one. It worked out.

  4. barbmca

    Amazing read stuff dreams are made of at this end of the earth

  5. Hey, Will! Your brother’s artwork is GREAT! What does he plan to do with his work? That’s A LOT of talent! He did a great job on your book, as well!

  6. Hey thanks! He’ll be happy to hear that!
    As for what he does? Well, some of it is hanging in our house and more of it is just stored in our basement because he gave lots to my parents but they don’t have wall space for everything.
    And the rest of it art, of which there is a LOT is just getting stored in his new place. He’s never really taken action to try and sell any, or get prints/copies made to sell or anything. But I told him that he should at least try!
    I love the cover he designed, and I’m glad about all the positive response it’s been getting – now I don’t have to feel like I only like it because I’m biased. =D

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