The Bookends Of My Life – 10: Sometimes It’s Nice To Have An Easy Read

No surprises here. This post is exactly as the title suggests. Sometimes it really is nice to have an easy read.

Growing up, I always prided myself on reading books WAY above my ‘reading age’ (if there can even be such a thing). I read Lord of the Rings when I was in Grade 3. It took me twelve days to finish all three.


That’s one big, fat book…not that I’m bragging, or anything…

I just enjoyed a challenge and, when everyone my age was reading Harry Potter, I had my reading eyes set on different sights. It may be considered a sin to some, but I’ve only read the first four Harry Potter books. I actually have no interest to finish the series.

But that’s just me.

Lately, when I’m not studying for finals, I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickens. Doyle’s writing style is descriptive and captivating, that he just pulls you right into the story and makes you feel like you’re right there beside Sherlock himself. While it’s not exactly an easy read, it does fly by.

Dickens, however, presents a bit more of a challenge. It’s easy to get lost in the seemingly pointless plot moments, but you need to be awake enough to catch every detail because some will come back to haunt you.

I love reading. I read something everyday. And I read a variety of stuff. From superhero comic books to science-fiction and fantasy novels to classics like The Great Gatsby, Dickens, Dracula and more. Some days, however, it’s nice to grab a young adult novel that I would see as an ‘easy’ read. For one, they’re definitely shorter than the novels I’m used to reading, and they’re just easier to read and get through.

I read a lot of these kinds of books, too, when I was the ‘appropriate age’ for them, but sometimes I don’t care if books were written for teenagers or children and I want to read them (I read Deltora Quest two years ago, as an example).

Well, one of my favourite young adult novel series of all time is the Alex Rider series, about a teenage spy working for the British government…like a young James Bond.

BE4 - R2

I’ve just decided today that I would really like to read this series once more. I could easily burn through one or two of these a day, with just a few hours of reading, so it would hardly take any time at all. And the thing I love about these books is how good they really are. There’s no doubting that the entertainment level is on par with any ‘university’ level book I’ve read.

So, reading an easy read every once in a while can not only be relaxing,  but it doesn’t have to be seen as a book that is ‘too easy’ for you. There’s no such thing, really.

What do you readers out there, think? Are you always looking for a challenge?

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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4 thoughts on “The Bookends Of My Life – 10: Sometimes It’s Nice To Have An Easy Read

  1. So called “reading age” is a strange thing… why must they always create a standard lol! I was apparently ahead in reading and writing at school. Have always loved both those things. I’ve reached the unfortunate stage of can’t-be-bothered to search the library for more good books. Most of the popular ones that people talk about are never there, and all the rest… sigh. I’m sort of picky. Also, I’m quite confident in saying I’ve read an awfully large number of books, most from the same library, so I’ve run out, if you could say that?
    The Great Gatsby is one I’d like to find as it’s talked about A LOT. (Trouble being it doesn’t seem to be free…)
    It’s a while since I read a whole, real paper book. Doing things all on the computer is when i think about it kind of a sad way to go – and I don’t believe I’m even as fast at reading as I once was – I hate to think I’m probably wrecking my eyes a bit.
    Anyways, this was an interesting post! Thanks for the read. =)

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! And I know what you mean about the Library…I love the Library, but sometimes you can’t get a certain book that you want. It sucks. And I definitely recommend Gatsby. Not only is it really good, but it’s also really short. I guess there’s a movie coming out this year…I wonder if it’ll be any good or not. Hmm…have to wait and see.
      I really don’t like reading on the computer. I don’t think I could do it…I need to have the book in front of me.

  2. I’m a fan of the books you mentioned, especially LoTR. I love Dickens. During my undergrad years, I took a class on Dickens. We had to read many of his longer works. Consequently, I love LITTLE DORRIT and MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT. I love to read broadly. Glad you do too.

    • Yeah, I’m trying to get through Great Expectations. I read it a few years ago, when I was 16, and didn’t like it, but I’m enjoying it much more this time around. There’s nothing wrong with diverse reading – and I just hate the people who read only the ‘literature’ stuff (like Dickens) and look down on me when I say I love reading Star Wars! haha

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