Don’t (A Poem)

Just a little something I thought up last night – late last night, I might add – and wrote it almost as fast as you’re going to read it. At the risk of being redundant and self-deprecating, that means that I wrote it in a very short time, exactly as it came to my mind. Bear this in mind if you read it and start to think: “Hey, this poem is kind of crap. His last one was good, but this is just awful…Whoever writes poetry this awful should be banned from the trade and possibly even dragged out onto the street and shot.”

Okay, so even if the poem is bad, maybe you won’t quite think of it that way, but I think that you get my point. At least I hope you do.




Just shut your mouth

Don’t say a word

Like you so often do


Just let it be

Keep it silent

As you’re not accustomed to


Ramble on

Try not to panic

It may be hard for you

Just be

Here for us

Forget about

All that other crap

That bogs down your mind

Sours your tongue and

Twists your stomach

I just want you to know

You don’t need to think too much

Because no matter where you think I go

No matter what you think I do

I’ll always be right here

And I will always love you

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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7 thoughts on “Don’t (A Poem)

  1. Will, how very unusual for you to say such things at the beginning of a post! I’m surprised! LOL But seriously your poem was GREAT. I might even like it the best so far! It all just seems to fit together so… right. Flows true.
    Late at night and speed-written is how I do most of mine, though the way they turn out is questionable. I have this horror of touching them, editing them, afterwards. haha. 😀

    • Sometimes I can be surprising. Sometimes I joke, sometimes I’m serious…and sometimes I shock lol
      I never touch a poem once I finish. I might change one line 4 when I write line 5, but once I finish I don’t even consider editing. When it’s done, it’s done, and I have no desire to go back and edit. Everyone’s different, I guess.
      Thanks for all of your compliments and comments! They mean a LOT! =D

  2. Loved your poem–the rhythm and shape of it!!! And thanks for the pingback. I’m glad to discover your blog!

  3. frodo

    Wish I could say this to my parents! 😉 Great poem!

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