What The Future Has In Store…

Hello everyone.

I usually don’t begin a post with a salutatory acknowledgement, but I was getting bored of starting off with “so”, “well” and “today”.

Well, now that I got that out of the way, I guess that I can officially begin this post. Here it comes.

So, today, I was enjoying my first day off in a while. No school, no work and – since my next, which is also my last, final is not until the 26th of this snowy month – no studying. A true day off, in the complete sense of the word.

I got to do this thing called sleeping in. Not sure if you know what that is, but either way your take on this ‘sleeping in’ thing is probably different than mine. I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. every day of the week. Weekends, because I most often work at 7:00 a.m., I rise between 5:30 and 6:30. You know your life sucks when you have to wake up earlier on weekends… (just kidding, I love my life).

So my sleeping in is waking up at 9:00 a.m. I know many people who sleep until noon or later, but I just can’t do it. For one, my internal alarm clock doesn’t seem to allow me to sleep past 9:00, even when my actual alarm clock is turned off. I just wake up automatically. So, 9:00 was good enough for me, because I like to consider myself a morning person. On the days that I have a day off and I don’t wake up until 11:00 – which are extremely rare – I get unnecessarily angry because I feel like I’ve just wasted my entire day. So, as I said before, 9:00 was a good time for me.

I had a slow, lazy morning reading this week’s newest comic books (which I picked up yesterday – Wednesday is new comic book day).


After my nice morning with comics and coffee (I have coffee every morning, it’s just a must), I went to visit my brother. He just moved back into the city on Monday, having graduated from the college he was attending in another city. He also just got hired as a full-time graphic designer for the local newspaper here, too. He was excited about that and wanted to tell me about his job, so I bought lunch for the two of us and took it to his new place (he’s renting a pretty nice house with a couple of friends). That was nice.

After that, I returned home to my house – where I still live with my parents. In my defense, though, I’m only 20 and I am attending the University here in Saskatoon. I don’t want to be that nerd living in his mother’s basement forever…

It was in the middle of the afternoon when I received a text from a friend. The message was simple enough:

“I found this picture of you in 60 sixty years.”

It was accompanied by this picture:


Is this really what the future has in store for me?

The sad part is that, on a typical day, I’m not only wearing Superman boxers and a Superman shirt, but a Superman sweater and a Superman belt. I have since retired my wallet and watch, and since I’m not much for hats, my Superman hats find a home on my shelf of Superman stuff.

Oh yeah, and the keys to my house are Superman, too. And the USB stick I use is also Superman……

After all of that, maybe I am fated to turn out like that old man in the above picture…

Well, whatever the future has in store for me, I know that I was born a Superman fanatic and I’m going to die one.  Anyone who has told me to or will tell me to grow up can screw off. I’ll be laughing when I’m rich and famous and design my house to be the Fortress of Solitude….

Okay, maybe not that far!


I’d also like to make a shout-out to my man, Superman, as it is his 75th birthday, today! Action Comics #1 – which is the Man Of Steel’s main comic book series and reached it’s 900th issue about two years ago – was published on this very day of 1938 and featured the very first appearance of Superman, the Man Of Tomorrow. He pretty much started the genre of super-heroes (they’re called super-heroes because he is Superman) and has become the most recognizable comic hero of all time. More than this, Superman, over the past 75 years, has been one of the most influential forces in pop culture and his ‘S’ shield is by far the most recognizable symbol in the world. If you’re paying enough attention, you can see it everywhere.

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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4 thoughts on “What The Future Has In Store…

  1. This made me laugh! Great post

  2. Hah! Superman is awesome. (Oh, and I can’t stay in bed much past 9 either unless I’m severely ill. My husband, on the other hand, I’m convinced could sleep for days.)

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