Another One Bites The Dust

After three hours, twenty pages (double-sided!) and one sore hand later, I finished my Ancient Roman History final exam today.

All I can say is what a relief. I really mean that, too. One less thing to be stressed about.

Now, I have this stupid ten day break until my next (and last) final, which happens to be my hardest subject – Latin. While it is interesting to learn a language like Latin, I feel like the course moved so fast (miles faster than any other modern language course) that it was hard to absorb what I was learning. So, we’ll see how that goes for me – and in ten days, you’ll know. 😉

Until then, though, I’ve got a few extra shifts at work, doing stuff like this:


and hopefully I’ll be able to relax a little bit while I’m at it. Not to complain about how hard and strenuous my life is or anything…but I’m just sayin’.

Speaking of saying, that’s all I’ve got to say tonight (I know, I know…but I’m really tired).

Thanks, as always, for reading my little mismatched excuse for a blog!

Until Next,


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7 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. So wordpress has being being really dumb lately and I haven’t been able to comment on anyone’s blogs! It appears to be working now, so he’s my super late comment! I’m actually glad I’m just now commenting today because I was literally sitting in my Paganism to Christianity class and I had a moment of realization of how much I love the ancient world. I know that sounds so nerdy, but I really, really do. What all was on your exam? 20 pages is a lot! I have to go write a paper comparing Greco-Roman hero cults/cults of the dead/saints to early Christian ideas of the same nature, and that one has to be 10 pages. Also it’s been snowing for three days straight now and my anti-Canada professor made tons of jokes about Canada, surprise surprise.

    • Well, he isn’t far off this time…we STILL have snow here. Ugh! Oh well… And my exam was just a general review of Roman history from the death of Caesar to the time of Constantine. I had to write an essay on Augustus’s rise to power, and then my second essay was a compare/contrast Trajan and Tiberius. I also had to identify selections from ancient sources (Cicero, Pliny, Cato, Tacitus, etc.) and write on those. Then we just had a list of twenty things and I had to choose ten and write a paragraph on the significance of each. I think I wrote on Pliny’s “Panegyricus”, the First Triumvirate, Cleopatra, and just stuff like that. lol It was just an awful lot of writing…and speaking of writing, how’s Camp NaNo? I’m still writing, just haven’t updated my word count in a while…lol

      • That’s a lot, though! We’re just on Constantine right now, and clearly he’s the favorite of my professor because we’ve spent 3x as long on him as anyone else.

        Camp NaNo isn’t really going as well as I would love for it to go… I’m hoping to write a ton in the last week. Next week I have 3 huge papers due and then I start studying for finals, so this might have just not worked out for me time wise. I still have hope though! How many words are you at?

        • I’m just over 10k, so half of what I should be at right now lol. But that’s still better than nothing, I guess! And you? How’s it going with Camp NaNo? And three papers is brutal….just brutal.

        • I’m only at like 5K. It’s pretty bad. It’s nice though because I’m actually inspired to write this book again, so that’s a plus. I just don’t have the time to write it, which is the issue. I’m just hoping I can get these three papers done this week and then catch up! I feel less awful not making word count for this than actual NaNo, but I hate not meeting goals! It’s the worst feeling ever.

        • I know how you feel…not enough time. I feel like this is a really bad month for Camp NaNo. Maybe we’ll have to try to the second one this summer lol when I’m not in school – because I don’t plan on taking any summer classes.
          I, too, am not as concerned as I am with NaNo, but it would be nice to be able to brag about haha

        • These papers are taking over my life, I’m for sure not going to finish on time. At least I’m making some kind of progress, though! And yeah, I think the July one sounds much better, I’m taking one summer class but it shouldn’t be too bad.

          Also I’m sitting in class right now and literally as I was writing this, the Canada-bashing professor just said “This word makes no sense. It isn’t a word. It’s kind of like just saying “eh” if you’re Canadian, probably.” Its alllllll about Canada in this class.

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