French Exam – Conquered! Time To Annex Ancient Rome…

Well I wrote my first final this morning. For French class.

French is my best class, and has been since I started taking it in high school. I’m not sure why, I guess that I’ve just got a knack for it. I’ve always been able to pick it up quite easily. Combine that with the fact that I’ve always enjoyed learning French, and you’re left with a pretty sweet class that helps boosts your average.

All things considered, I think I did pretty well on the exam. Except that section where there were all sorts of exotic French words (anodi, bulbutiements, grincement, boude, ancre, suscite, etc.) and I had to provide synonyms (French synonymes, that is) for these words. The only reason I can remember so many of these words coming out of the final is because I spent a good, long time staring at each and every word thinking: “I’ve never seen these before. I don’t have a clue what they mean in English, so how am I supposed to find another French word that means the same thing?

Luckily, I pulled out some pretty flowery guesses and pushed through. That section was only worth a small portion, too, so I should be good. I’m much better at the fill in the blanks, like where they give a sentence, like this:

Il se peut qu’elle (venir) _______ plus tard.

These are so much easier because all you have to do is conjugate the verb (in parenthesis) to the right person, number, tense and mood. Much more methodical and mathematical and, therefore, easier. Maybe that’s just the way my brain works…but you just have to figure out that you need a third person, singular, subjunctive, present – not have to dig into the recesses of your mind to find some stupid syllable for ancre, which you’ve never heard before…

Oh well, bitterness aside, it’s all done with. My easiest final is out of the way.

I always enjoy having the easy ones first, because then it gives you even more time to study for the hard ones. Like my final for my two term class on Ancient Rome, which I will be writing Monday. And writing is something I will be doing a lot of… History exams are pretty much all the same. There is no multiple choice, fill in the blank, true and false, etc. Those kinds of questions are for High School History exams. In their place, I’m going to get to write ten one-paragraph responses to ten ‘things’ from the course (i.e. Caesar, Augustus, slaves, grain production, The Battle of Mutina, etc.). Even better, we have no idea what these ten people, places, events, etc. will be, so we have to KNOW it all. And then I’ll get four passages from ancient sources (again that I don’t know until I start the exam) and I will have to identity, in a small essay, the author, what book or work it comes from, when it was written, what was going on at that time and the significance of the work. AND THEN I get to write two five page essays on two questions that will also be unknown until the final. These tasks, in themselves, are not that difficult. But to put the cherry on top, I only get three hours to do all of this.

I kind of feel like I could use this right now:

(Photo credit:

Please, help me to understand why I’m paying thousands of dollars for this stress level?

Even worse, why am I blogging right now when I could be using these past twenty minutes for studying?

I guess there’s this thing called procrastination. Maybe if I didn’t do it so much, I wouldn’t be so stressed out some days. Besides, it’s just a final exam. It’s not life and death. Do I really need to be stressed out?

It helps to remember this:


(Photo credit:

Not that you even cared about any of this at all anyways. Just thought I could waste some of your time, too.

I better get back to it, now.

This is the part where I say goodbye to my weekend.

Hello A History Of Rome (Fourth Edition) by Marcel Le Glay et al. I guess you are going to have a friend this weekend, after all.

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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2 thoughts on “French Exam – Conquered! Time To Annex Ancient Rome…

  1. shanesbookblog

    Dang…your history final does indeed sound intimidating, But you are very intelligent and I know you study hard even if you sometimes procrastinate, (just like I do) especially if it’s something really important I am dong or working on..I think you will do great though.

    Maybe you are to hard on yourself? I know I am.

    Stress and Anxiety is also something I am very familiar with and if somethings causes you to feel either one of these…I have learned it means you are taking whatever it is seriously, at times maybe too seriously?, so I have a feeling you will do just fine!!

    If it makes you feel any better my weekend kinda got canceled as well, I honestly didn’t think these book review requests would take me this long…but now I think I will still be doing it after Monday >.<

    So there goes my relaxation and rest lol

    Not to mention the 12 Poems I still have to write for a few competitions, I know these things aren't as stressful as a final would be but ya, I will be working hard for sure.

    • Hey, thanks bud! You’re encouragement is always awesome!
      And, yes, sometimes I am too hard on myself. I know that. But it’s a fact of life. Procrastinate and then kick yourself later.
      Or study hard and wonder if it was hard enough?
      And I know you’re working hard…that’s why you’re blog is so amazing.
      Thanks again, man. And keep writing those poems. I’m looking forward to reading them! =D

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