The New Look

So, if you read my plea post yesterday about the perils that I face and how hard my life is my final exams, you may have realized that I was planning on dedicating most of my day to studying. However, I guess that little bit went out the window this morning when I had the bright idea to re-design my blog, refresh it and give it a new look (I’m still trying to find a new header image, but that’s for a later time).

I guess this is what people do when they have exams. Find little things to do that will distract them for a bit like, for instance, cleaning my bedroom. Which I already finished yesterday. Now, I don’t work today, so I’m going to dedicate the entirety of my afternoon and evening to studying, so I guess I can be forgiven. My first exam is tomorrow, but it’s in my best class – French – so I’m not so worried about that. Something else has been plaguing my mind, though.

Am I addicted to blogging?

big deal on my blog

I think it may be a diagnosable condition. Just sayin’.

Now that I wasted a few minutes of your life – which you are never, ever getting back – I think I will stop wasting my life and get back to studying. I have an average to keep up, you know.


Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


P.S. What do you think of the new look?

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6 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. Great new look!

    • Thanks. It only took like 2 minutes to set up! It was picking which theme I wanted that took a long time…..hahaha

  2. shanesbookblog

    Love the new look! I have always said my dream home would be made out of wood, a big cabin of sorts but with modern designs and elements.

    Good luck tomorrow! I know you said it’s your best class but when I would have a test coming up I always got nervous, even if I knew I was going to pass without any problems. (I also procrastinate a lot)

    • Thanks! I get nervous as well. I usually do pretty good, but I still get nervous for every test. I think it just comes with the territory. Haha
      And a wooden home would be nice….but my dream home would be stone….all castle like haha

      • shanesbookblog

        A stone like castle is a great idea as well, I loved the house that Bilbo lived in, the most recent example of it in “The Hobbit” if It was made for regular sized people of course.

        If I had a house like that I don’t think I would ever want to travel or stay gone for too long so It might be a bad idea to love your house that much.

        • haha Yeah. That would be me. I get too attached to my physical and material stuff. lol I would be OBSESSED with my castle-house that I would probably die if it burnt down or something lol

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