Nothing Interesting Here, But I’m Sure You’ll Read It Anyway

Well, what can I tell you today? What should I tell you?

What do you want to hear?

No ideas.

Well, I guess I better come up with something…

Well, this is my way of posting something when there is not much to post (or even say). Maybe this is my cabin fever – you’d understand if you lived in Saskatoon and still had SNOW EVERYWHERE – just sayin’. Oh yeah, and it snowed today. Again! Can someone please find me an emoticon with rolling eyes…that would be my favourite. I would definitely utilize that to its fullest potential.

But yes, if you didn’t pick up, Saskatoon is still pretty much covered in snow. A lot of snow. How much is a lot? Well, why don’t I just show you:

IMG_1595IMG_1596This is my backyard. Today. April 8th.

This is getting a little ridiculous, if you ask me. Usually all the snow is melted by now and the roads are slushy and the sun is shining, helping to get the temperature over +10 degrees Celsius.

This morning, when I woke up, it was -16. -_-

Now, if you know anything about Saskatoon, you probably know that we usually get long winters here. During an average year, it starts getting pretty cold in October, with heavy snowfalls in November through February ish. Then comes along a typical March – enter Spring.

However, this has not been a typical year. We’ve actually had snow since the beginning of October. That’s six months of snow. I know I said we usually get half a year of winter – but I meant cold temperatures. Six months of snow?! Really?!? Why don’t I just live in Antarctica? At least the weather would be a little more predictable…

On top of that, my little dog just got a hair cut and, in anticipation of spring, he got it cut really short – we call it his ‘summer cut’.

IMG_1586How is that poor guy, who is smaller than my cat, supposed to survive in that snow? He even looks like he’s frowning…poor guy.

IMG_1593Well, I guess my ‘winter is still here’ rant is pretty much done, so maybe I should change the subject before I find something else to complain about.

Just in case you give a damn, I received some paperback copies of Perspective – my novel – with the new cover that my brother made for me. They look even better in person, check them out:

IMG_1563IMG_1564I’m really excited at how they turned out, and I’m hoping the new, flashier cover will help with sales. One can always hope…

And on a final note, this weekend was pretty awesome for me because I received not one, but two more nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

very-inspiring-awardI’ve already been nominated for this award multiple times, but it still makes me happy to receive another. That means that there are people out there who can really appreciate my blog, who have been enjoying my blog and who, possibly, find me and my writing inspiring. That’s pretty damn cool. So, thanks to all the nominations I’ve been getting.

For that reason, I’m not going to ‘accept’ these awards, which is why I’m not dedicating a separate post to them. The only purpose I had in mentioning them was so that I could give a shout out to the people who offered them to me.

Ellyn Baker was kind enough to nominate me for this blog and, while I haven’t visited it before this nomination, in the nearly 60 minutes I spent perusing her blog yesterday I can tell you this, for certain: she really deserves this award more than anyone. Not only are her posts creative and captivating, but Ellyn herself is a very thoughtful, intelligent and encouraging person. It’s pretty obvious she enjoys putting a smile on other peoples’ faces – something that, I think, she aspires to accomplish with each blog post – because it worked for me. Simpler than this, her blog itself is extremely organized, her posts are constructed in a manner that makes them easy to read and her personality shines through every word.

My second nomination cam from William Shane Ellis, a friend I met through blogging. He story is inspiring as he writes about his journey through life. His poetry is emotional, natural and simple and complicated at the same time. The transparency with which Shane writes is really what makes his unique blog so alluring, intriguing and relatable.

So, thanks to both Ellyn Baker and Shane Ellis for the nominations and shout-outs. And, to the rest of you, please go check out their blogs. I know I say this often, but I guarantee that you won’t be sorry you did.

Thanks for reading!

Till next,


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4 thoughts on “Nothing Interesting Here, But I’m Sure You’ll Read It Anyway

  1. I read it anyway.

    Last night I finally got started on catching up on my camp NaNo word count, and I thought I was beating you for like five seconds, but then just went to update it and now you’re wayyyyy ahead of me.

    Also I think that’s funny that Shane’s first name is William too, I had no idea.

    • Yeah, neither did I until he told me. haha and he decided to no longer do Camp Nano because of some stuff that’s going on in his life that’s gonna keep him busy. Oh well…lol We’ll see him during NaNoWriMo! And I’m not that far…only like 4k, which is half of my goal so far lol

  2. shanesbookblog


    My twin!

    Thanks bro!

    and you are inspiring in every sense of the word.

    You give hope and confidence to me and your writing and blog brings me joy and provides very entertaining posts which I absolutely love to read.

    You are a extremely talented writer and author and I am glad I found you on here.
    I hope in the future we can become friends.

    You seem like the type of person who is loyal and trustworthy…and I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for a friend who has those traits.

    I decided to not do camp NaNo, some thing’s have happened off my blog in my life and I just don’t have the time right now but I wish more than anything I did.

    But I will be doing the regular NaNo in November, maybe then we can team up or at least help each other along the way.

    It also comforts me to know Lilly is with you doing camp NaNo, otherwise I would feel like a terrible person right now.

    I am truly sorry for what has transpired and me not being able to help you and participate, I hope you know I really really wanted to.

    And thanks for being patient with me when I was trying yet failing to do the cabin assignments, you have patients stronger and more durable then diamond platted steal!

    No one and I mean no one That I know deserves a few writing and blogging awards more than you do.

    Thanks again for the shout out! You truly are an amazing person!

    P.S When I can I am going to buy your paperback Poem book on amazon, and if you have one of your ones for sale you just got done, I would like to buy that one as well!

    I can’t wait to read them, I got so excited When I looked over on the left hand side of your blog and clicked your book and then it took me to amazon the other day.

    I had no idea you already had published books that I could purchase!

    Can’t wait to start on them! I haven’t been this excited to read a book since I was a kid/teen and finally bought HP, the chamber of secret’s when I finally saved up enough money.HaHa!

    • Well your excitement and kindness is certainly unexpected, but still entirely welcome. And as for friends? Yes, I think we’ll make good friends. I ‘met’ Lily just a few months ago through blogging, and I feel like we are pretty good friends already, even though we’ve actually never met. Maybe the same can happen with you. The only downfall is that you live so far away…haha
      But, seriously, thanks for all of the encouragement. It means a lot, bud! And you deserve this award as much as I do. Your blog is great, and it keeps getting better. And, I hope my book lives up to your expectations…lol Though I’m biased when I say it’s pretty damn good 😉
      Thanks for everything, man!

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