Times Like These – A Poem

Times Like These


It’s times like these

When I have to take a step back

It really feels like

I’m on the outside looking in

I don’t think I realize

Just how serious this is

It’s this desire to be

Of all my blunders forgiven


It’s just a heartbeat in time

That pauses for a moment

Leaving me with my mind

To consider and console

My legs, they keep moving

My eyes are firmly closed

But to where I am going

I don’t even know


It’s that space between us

Where the bonds have been broken

The cord has been cut

The shutters have been opened

But I’m not really sure

Just what I’m looking at

Of one thing I am certain

You’re not looking back


Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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5 thoughts on “Times Like These – A Poem

  1. shanesbookblog

    Hey William, Don’t know if you accept awards, But I nominated you for the Inspiring blogger award, if you don’t accept them just ignore my comment =p (I know a lot of people don’t)

    • I usually do accept them, but I just received this one a couple weeks ago (for my fifth time lol) so I probably won’t make a post about, although at some point in the next couple of days I will mention it in a post and link to your blog as a thank you. So, thanks for the nomination! I appreciate it all the same! 🙂

      • shanesbookblog

        Ah! I figured you had already been nominated for every award none to man but I just had to nominate you and the others just in case you accepted awards and just in case you had not been nominated for this one yet. It’s all good, and I would really appreciate that but you certainly don’t have to.

        I am just glad me nominating you didn’t offend you….you should see this comment I received after posting my nomination post…..someone actually got offended that I nominated them for an award?

        people are dramatic sometimes. smh craziness!

        • shanesbookblog

          known* I am tired. HaHa at typing none

        • No worries, man! I hardly noticed…haha But no, I don’t get offended. I get really excited when I get nominated lol like a little kid! It makes me feel that what I’m doing is actually liked, appreciated and inspiring. So thanks for all the encouragement you’ve been giving me. 🙂

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