The Soundtrack Of My Life – 7: You Call This Garbage?

Yes, that was my favourite song by one of my favourite bands. And yes, their name is Garbage.

If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, you may recognize this (acoustic version) of one of their bigger hits:

Garbage is an alternative rock band that was formed in the early nineties by Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig…and I fell in love with them the first time I heard one of their songs. They are immensely talented (if you weren’t able to tell) and their songs have such emotion behind them – they all tell a story.

I was really able to relate to a lot of their music…and I think most people can. The subjects of their songs are simple and universal enough that almost everyone has experienced something of what they’re singing about. Take away the heavy drums, thick guitars and background ‘noise’ (as I like to call it) and you have simplistic lyrics that are easy to relate to.

Now, many of us may have watched the Oscars this year. If you did, you would have seen Adele and the legendary Shirley Bassey belt out their famous James Bond Themes, but do you remember this one?

If you’ve been paying attention to any of my soundtrack posts, you’ll have realized that I don’t like music that would be typical to my generation, or what’s popular on the radio. A lot of what I like is different, older and mostly enjoyed by the opposite sex ( 😉 ). But I think that’s why I like Garbage so much, is because they are so different. They have a unique sound that is distinctive to them, instantly recognizable – thanks, in part, to Shirley Manson’s provocative vocals.

Here is a song that they, themselves, have dubbed as “for the freaks and the geeks”. It has a more pop sound than most of their stuff, but I still love it.

And here’s another, about personal struggle, that may hit home for some of you:

Just last year, Garbage released their first album in 7 years. You could imagine how ecstatic I was to hear some NEW material from them. At the same time, though, I was worried that it may not hold up to their four previous releases.

As soon as the CD started playing, though, my doubts were washed away. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Garbage is BACK!”

Here are my favourites from their new album, Not Your Kind Of People.

Thanks for reading!

Sorry for any slow loading due to the amount of videos embedded!

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12 thoughts on “The Soundtrack Of My Life – 7: You Call This Garbage?

  1. I think I have heard them before. I am not sure where.

    • They were pretty big in the late nineties…you’d probably recognize at least one or two of their songs if you heard it. “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”. I hope, with this little introduction to them, you liked what you saw and heard. Thanks for the comment! I was going to say I need to get over to your blog to read WTF Friday…until I realized it wasn’t Friday. Oh, this week has been too long…haha

      • LOL you might enjoy today’s post. Oh I figured out how you can follow my blog in your feed if you’re interested.

        • Oh awesome. I get email notices but I get my email on my phone so I never use wordpress on my phone…I find a usually just manually go to your blog every couple days and read what I missed lol as hard as that is….I have you bookmarked on my Internet haha but being able to see your posts in my reader or whatever would be awesome. Then it’s all in one place

        • LOL I totally understand. You just had said once that it was an issue. If you go to blogs I follow and then edit, there is a bar at the top that you can put in any URL you want.

        • Oh awesome! Thanks so much for that! I’ll definitely do that! 🙂 Good memory! At least there are some bloggers who care about their readers! 🙂 haha

        • I do care. 🙂 Thanks for reading so much.

        • I extend the same to you! You never fail to put a smile on my face! 🙂

  2. Garbage are fantastic – great attitude, catchy lyrics and gorgeous singer. I’m a huge fan of their stuff but I’ve not been paying attention to current music trends lately, so it’s nice to know they have a new album I can listen too. The Bond themes are all powerful but I prefer the modern ones and after Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” in Casino Royale, I’d definitely give joint first place to Shirley Manson for The World Is Not Enough. For me, I love that Garbage are one of my favourite bands whose music seems timeless and I can listen to endlessly without getting bored of it. You do have good taste Will!

    • Thanks! And I agree they do have a great attitude, catchy lyrics and a gorgeous singer. Did you ever see her in the Terminator TV show a few years ago? She was awesome! She’s not as hot as, say, someone like Shakira, but there’s something about her, her personality, her stage presence. And, even though she is the same age as my father, I still consider her to be sex on legs. Just my opinion.
      I’m glad you touched on the timeless bit. Each song is unique, but they all have a distinctive ‘Garbage’ sound and if you listening to a greatest hits, it would all sound like they are recent, current songs – to me, anyway! Glad to know there are some Garbage fans out there. I guess they’re pretty popular in Europe, eh? I just want them to come to Saskatoon, but I doubt they ever will…lol

      • Hey there Will. I didn’t see her in the Terminator show, was that in Season 2? I saw the first season but did not continue with it – I should track it down on Netflix, I think the 2nd season is on there.

        Hahahaha lol at sex on legs – I haven’t heard that in a while but I’m sure I’ve used it in the past 🙂 There are bands that are just so timeless, their music never gets old to me, even though the singers do, which is kind of sad. Then again that’s what you want art to do, last for many years and never be forgotten. I think you are right about them having a lot of European fans. Tell you what son, if I ever get to be a reasonable successful author or get my interest in music off the ground in the future, I’ll come out and have an author singing / play in Saskatoon. I’m not Shirley Manson but I scrub up well! I have this crazy idea in my head that I’m going to be talking to a manager in the future “Shut it Jerry, we are going!” “But David, it’s not on the list!” “Well then put it on there – Saskatoon, this one’s for Will – I’ll be seeing you soon!”

        It can happen though son – I never thought I would get to see Rammstein in the UK but they turned up. You may find Garbage playing somewhere close to your town in the future, you never know!

        • Yeah, she was a main character in the second season. Played one of those liquid metal terminators. She was awesome the whole season. Did some pretty badass stuff, too!
          And I would definitely come to see you if you ever came to Saskatoon!! =D Whether it was for music or writing, or both!

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