Here is a great poem that bleeds emotion. Both the perfection of the rhythm that encompasses this poem and flows like lyrics and the delicate vocabulary that is both effective and, at times, unexpected, are mere trifles to the real spirit conveyed through these words. I’m telling you that you won’t be missing out if you read this poem, and then check out the rest of Shane’s blog. Lightning strikes once again.

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  1. shanesbookblog

    Thanks so much for posting this on your blog!

    No one has ever re-blogged something of mine before. -Happy face-

    I shall return the favor today!
    This week end maybe we can all 3 sync up for the cabin buddy thing.

    You seem to only come on after midnight and by then I am fast asleep.

    I tried so hard to stay up last night and wait on ya so we could do the Camp NaNo cabin thing but I failed.

    I even took the day off work to try and stay up late and to work on some more material and posts today, and to catch up on the NaNo word count (I am terribly behind)

    But I just could not stay up past 12 =/

    So maybe tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday we can all 3 get in the same cabin,I always tend to stay up later on the week ends but knowing me I wont make it to midnight so maybe we can schedule a time this week end to do it a little earlier?

    Thanks again for re-blogging my Poem! Means the world to me.

    BTW I just realized we have the same first name, William.
    (I am slow at realizing things sometimes)

  2. Hey, yeah, I’ve been working until 10:30 these last couple days and by the time I get home and eat and stuff it’s late. And yeah, we should try a time to get that Cabin working. It would be a decent place to chat about writing or whatever.
    And it’s day four and I haven’t even started writing yet…so don’t feel bad. haha How I ever imagined a I could’ve finished 30k in a month when I’m writing finals is beyond me…oh well. We’ll see what happens.
    And you have a good name! Not too many Williams out there in our age range!
    Guess we’re destined to be friends or something….not that I don’t consider it anything more than a coincidence 😉

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