April Already And Almost Accomplished

I can’t believe that it is April already. Where did the time go? Even more unbelievable is that fact that I only have six more days of classes and then I am done (well, after classes are finals…but I’m done after that).

Nevertheless, April promises to be a busy month. While I’m wrapping up school and final exams, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to take on Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s basically like NaNoWriMo (if you don’t know what that is, then shame on you) but a lot less intense, I guess one could say.

You basically get to choose your goal, so I decided to aim for 30,000 words this month (which is 1,000 words a day…so not too bad). Only thing is, I know I’m going to have a lot of days where I won’t be able to write a whole lot because I’ll be studying for exams.

We’ll see how this goes, though.

I never even thought of doing it, until a friend asked me if I was going to. I think it’s a good idea to kind of kick-start my writing for the summer, and also get me excited about writing Black Ice again – a novel I stopped working on about two months ago, and have been itching to get back to the last week or so.

And, in other news, if you were aware the deadline for the draw for a free paperback copy of Perspective – my first published novel – was yesterday. Basically, if you liked me on Facebook, you were entered to win. Anyways, when I did the draw, the first name I pulled out was my mother’s. Now, it’s not that I don’t want her to have one – she already got her own FREE, signed copy months ago – it’s just that I felt someone else should get the book. I guess I should have thought about taking family members out of the draw – all of them already have a signed copy as it is.

It was almost like my own draw was playing an April Fool’s Day joke on myself, so I had to draw again. Needless to say, first was the worst but second proved to be the best. One signed copy of Perspective found a happy little home today. Well, it’s still at my house, but it is to be mailed out tomorrow to said winner and forever gone from my life – but that’s okay, I’ve got at least half a dozen more lying around here somewhere.

So, congratulations to Nenorta. I hope you enjoy your book! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Although, I already told her this when I got in contact with her through Facebook for her mailing info…and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog…so those two, short sentences – and all this other rambling that follows – is pretty much a waste of your time).


I love having the power to waste people’s time…

Anyways, that’s about as exciting as my day got, today (not that you care anyway)!

So, is there anyone else out there who is doing Camp NaNo this month?

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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26 thoughts on “April Already And Almost Accomplished

  1. shanesbookblog

    I Am also going to attempt the dangerous Camp NaNaWriMo.

    It Will be my first year and I am intensely excited yet nervous at the same time, but I am sure that’s how everyone is feeling at this point.

    I will probably try and write 15,000 words. (Not sure if I will actually reach that number but ya)

    I have been thinking of doing a micro memoir or maybe starting a fiction Novel…Can’t decide but I know I need to hurry up and have my decision made By in the morning.

    If you ever need a Camp NaNaWriMo buddy to toss around ideas and new characters with just let me know. I would love to be able to help in anyway that I can.

    I love your book collection! It’s huge.
    (judging from the profile picture of you on FB)

    You must have been collecting for a long time.
    I just recently started the first of this year and I have around 300 hardcover books so far. (Hardcover is the only type of books I collect)

    Paperback books just get demolished so easily and I can’t stand when things get bent or torn,I just might have OCD.

    • Oh yes, I am no stranger to OCD. I actually read paperback books in such a fashion so that the spine does not get bent or cracked at all.
      I’ve always loved books. My parents used to collect books (mostly Star Trek) and they gave them all to me, and I’ve been adding to my collection over the years. That bookshelf is wall to wall and floor to ceiling and, apart from a TV, five shelves of movies and TV shows, a 3D Millennium Falcon and that Superman figurine behind my head – yes I am a huge nerd – I’ve got over 900 books on the shelf.
      And there there are those three big boxes in my closet….and that other box in the basement…I’m pretty much swimming in them.
      What kinds of books do you like? I go for almost anything, but I really love my sci-fi.
      And, I would love to be buddies on Camp Nano. Is there a way to add buddies on the website? It’s my first year, too (although I have done NaNoWriMo many times before).

  2. shanesbookblog

    I love reading Non-Fiction, History,Memoirs and biographies,True story’s,academic topics such as textbooks, And currently I have been accepting Book Review requests on my blog because I am trying to shy away from only reading Non-Fiction.

    When it comes to fiction I am a noob for sure.

    However I have dabbled with quite a bit of sci-fi these past 2 months.

    zombie survival guide, and “The Godling Chronicles” and things of that nature. ( I know that’s a lame example but I actually like zombies lol.

    The Walking dead just became a favorite show of mine two weeks ago…needless to say I only have 3 episodes left to watch before I have seen seasons 1-3 and the last 3 I need to watch are from season 4 and how ever many come out after that for the rest of season 4.

    Sci-fi has become an addiction even though I am very new to it but I do plan to immerse myself in more of it including everything star wars…can you believe I still haven’t seen the movies yet? just the first one >.< (I know I know) Try not to throw to many heavy objects at me.

    I became a geek when I turned 20…I was a late bloomer for sure.

    Football used to be what I was passionate about,but senior year in our last game of the season I broke my back and caused sever nerve damage to my left leg and spine. I am totally fine now I just walk a bit slower and my back constantly hurts but other than that I am good to go. When that occurred my scholarship to UCLA got canceled.

    ( I don't Blame them my grades were crap considering I barely went to my classes or did any homework)

    Football was all they wanted from me and it was all I wanted from them. But hey that's life,things happen.

    Some doors close and others open,Like me discovering my inner Geek!

    I will let you know what my plans for camp NaNo are tomorrow morning for sure.

    Maybe we could even team up on a sci-fi book sometime. I would certainly need someone who has experience in that genre to help guide me along and teach me some tricks of the trade.

    • I love the Walking Dead. And, just to clarify, it’s still on season 3. Actually season three just ended on Sunday and Season 4 won’t start until October. But I think I got the gist of what you meant haha

      In regards to sci-fi, I was a VERY early, most likely pre-natal, bloomer lol

      That kind of sucks about your scholarship, but I’m glad you found writing. And being a geek is OKAY. I describe myself as a nerd, but in a way I heard my friend Lily (who’s commenting on this post as well) describe herself – “You wouldn’t think I was a nerd by looking at me, and I’m not SUPER nerdy, but I do love lots of nerdy things.” Or, at least it was something like that.

      It’s kind of funny because the rest of my friends aren’t really that nerdy. I get a lot of eyes rolled at me sometimes when I make nerd references.

      Football, eh? Nice. I never played on an actual team, but I used to love playing football (or as close to ‘official’ football as my friends and I got) with my friends. We mostly just cared about tackling one another though…lol The rules were not important.

      So with your injury, are you pretty much out from any other sports? Or do you still play some things? I’ve never been big on team sports, but I’ve been in martial arts for 8 years now and I love it.

      I’m excited to start Camp Nano with two new friends I met blogging. And I’m sure there are things that we can both learn from each other.

      Thanks for being an engaging reader, Shane. Happy to have met you.
      Now, let’s light it up (the campfire, mind… lol) and go kick some ass at Camp Nano.

      Speaking of which, what’s your username for the site?
      Mine is just my name: William Louison

      All professional like… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you decided to do it, finals and all. I’m trying to finish the novel that I wrote in November, and it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought because I have absolutely no idea where I was going with it and now I just feel like I’m writing gibberish, but I guess that’s kind of the point and I need to get used to that again.

    And I was creeping on Shane’s comment above (I know. Me creeping, what’s new) and I have no idea how to add people on Camp Nano. It’s a less exciting website design in general and I think that the only way to be friends with people on there is if you’re in the same cabin. And you can request to be in the same cabin as certain people but it might be a bit late for that? I’m not sure… here’s the link to my profile thing so maybe see if there’s a link on there that I can’t see because it’s my own? http://campnanowrimo.org/campers/lilyparadis

    • Yeah, I’m finishing a novel I started on NaNo 2011 lol And I’m trying to figure out this Cabin thing. Maybe we can be in a cabin together…with Shane, too. Because I looked at your profile and can’t find any add buddy options. Weird. Maybe because it’s for younger kids, too, they don’t want to risk the buddy thing – pedophiles and all. Just going out on a crazy limb, here. haha

      • No I was kind of wondering that too, I think it is meant for younger writers because of the moveable word count thing. Psh. I want to be a kid. But then again, if you think about it… Cabins can be kind of creepy too. Are you already assigned to one or is there a way to change it in cabin settings? Because I’m already in one but no one is saying anything so it’s a little bit awkward…

        • No I’m not in one. And you can ask to be in a cabin with a friend you already know. I was thinking that we should try and be in a cabin together (if possible) and maybe be with Shane Ellis from Shane’s Book Blog, who is a really awesome guy. I noticed you’re following him, too, and it’s his first year doing Camp NaNo also. We’ve kind of become friends over the last two days haha

        • I don’t know how to get out of my cabin! Ah! This is getting sketchy. I’m trapped in a metaphorical cabin with a bunch of random strangers. One of them has a slowpoke as his profile picture, I kid you not. But yes I know Shane! We became friends like two days ago too and apparently I introduced him to Camp Nano as well, so it would be fun if we could all figure that out!

        • Just looked and they’re doing another ’round of cabin assignments’ whatever that means, in the next five hours. haha Is there a way for you to leave your cabin?

        • The next five hours is pretty specific, haha. Where did you see that? Let me look… what’s your name on there? And do we know what Shane’s is?

        • Just looked it up and there is supposedly an ‘opt out’ button at the bottom of the message board in the cabin. If you can find that, once I know Shane’s username, maybe all three of us can request to be in a cabin with the other two.

        • I see the button but it’s not letting me click it. I’ll keep trying to figure that out and then just let me know what your name is on there and what shane’s is and we can make that work!

        • Hey, mine is William Louison – just my name – but I don’t know what Shane’s is. lol And I’m finding all of this info on the camp nano site – which apparently is pretty complex.

        • It’s way more complex than the regular one… not sure what that’s about…

        • Why is this so hard? Aren’t like 13 year olds supposed to be able to do this? Come on, we’ve got 7 years on them….. lol Why can’t we figure this out?

        • You would think so… maybe they make it hard on us so that we can’t creep on children who are busy writing their books? Well, since this is happening in the next five hours and Shane might not respond, I’m just going to opt out of my cabin and then request you and then hopefully we can get him to join us somehow?

        • Yeah, let’s request each other and see if we’ll get in a cabin together and we’ll see what happens with Shane. Hopefully this request a buddy thing works. I’m going to do it now.

        • Okay! I just did it and I requested you and a little thing came up that suggested your name… so I’m hoping that worked. And then I also opted in for “campers in my age range” and “everyday activity”. THIS IS SO SPECIFIC.

        • Well, hopefully when I wake up in the morning we’ll be in a cabin together lol we should be able to make our own cabin…but I guess they want I regulate it…lol

        • Suuuuper regulated. I guess they want to make it realistic that in a real life camp we wouldn’t just go chop some wood and build our own cabin. Bad joke. Anyway, I still have to read like 100 pages of Cloud Atlas for class, write 1600 words to catch up for yesterday and today, and then be at work at 9am. So I might be awake for this cabin change. Hopefully it works!

        • Well I need sleep…I have classes tomorrow morning. Oh the joys…haha And I haven’t written a single word yet. Oops…I’m already one day behind and day 2 just started 17 minutes ago for me lol

        • Hopefully our new cabin can motivate us? Haha

  4. shanesbookblog

    Sorry guy’s I fell asleep >.< (I have to get up for work every at 5 before the birds even start moving around. I still tend to stay up late thought but last night I was drained.

    it's shanesbookblog

    • shanesbookblog

      I saved my cabin setting’s and requestd both of you on there. It sure is a complex website. Trying to understand everything is a bit irrational at times. HaHa

    • No, that’s cool. I got in a cabin with Lily. Maybe if we opt out and all three of us request to be with one another.

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