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This post is authored by Faith Kim

The Writing Monkey

I’ve always had a love for stories and I am fascinated with the art of storytelling because I find that the lives in stories are so much more interesting than real life, especially, when you can bend the rules of reality and shape your own worlds.

There are so many reasons for why someone would tell a story, but my purpose is just to tell a really good story, a fun, lightweight, escape from the boredom of reality, kind of story.

For me, writing provides an escape, an opportunity to meet new characters, make new friends, and delete the ones I don’t like- all without any of the hard feelings!

What is my source of inspiration? I love to people-watch (does that sound a little stalkerish?) I select my subjects carefully; who is the quirkiest and who will suit a character for my next novel. As difficult as it is for my loud personality, I try to make myself as wallflower-ish as possible. I try to go as unnoticed as possible as I watch my subject interact with others, picking apart his words, actions, motivations, personality, possible childhood traumas, what makes him tick, what gets him out of bed in the morning, and what puts him to sleep. And then, I write all this down under his profile in my notebook of people.

So basically, I watch, then let my imagination run wild and keep a notebook or two close.


The Writing Monkey

Faith Kim is a middle school student and she loves reading, writing, and monkeys. She’s lived in California and Texas, but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The Extras- Book 1 is her first novel but she’s been ‘storytelling’ from the crib.

the extras

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