Grudge (A Poem)

I was listening to music the other day, as I so often do. Some days I like to just listen to my iPod on shuffle and see what comes up. This song came on, and it really got me to think. If you listen to the lyrics, I think you’ll know why.

I started thinking about how hard it has been (and still is) to forgive certain people for certain things. I’m pretty grudge-free right now (when I say that I feel like I just got out of Grudge Counseling or Grudge-Holders Anonymous), but I can still be bitter about some things (okay, A LOT of things, but who’s counting).

Anyways, this song inspired me to think about the grudges I’ve held in my life, and how damaging they can be. As I sometimes do when this inspiration strikes me, I wrote a poem. While it is not nearly as cleverly written as Alanis Morissette’s song, or as entertaining for that matter, I did write it so it can’t be total garbage, right? 😉

Now, I’ll stop you having to put up my crap any longer and just present to you my poem.


A Poem By William Louison


There is so much noise

All around me

The sounds from outside

And under my feet

There’s nothing to gain

No chance for peace

But with nothing to lose

What’s stopping me?


There’s a monster in the dark

That I just can’t escape

Like this grudge in my heart

That I cannot wash away

It’s like the feeling has sunk deep

Taken over my free thoughts

I can’t move my feet

Because I’m stuck in this spot


There is so much noise

All around me

It rings in my ears

And stings at my mind

There is nothing to gain

No chance for peace

But with nothing to lose

Why can’t I release

This grudge in my heart

That’s taken over me


So turn on the lights

Unlock all the doors

Let the shadows escape

And this grudge dissipate

There’s no more to lose

When you’re as low as me

So with this chance at forgiveness

Just let me be free


Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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4 thoughts on “Grudge (A Poem)

  1. barbmca

    Great work I liked it

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