Another imPRESSive post (double entendre) by Liam from the Life Of A Thinker!

The Life of A Thinker

Yes. As you can see from the title, we’re talking about the annoying things that happen to every blogger. Because with views and popularity, come the spammers…

Webisode Five: Akismet and Spammers

We all get spam. It’s inevitable. Some try to flog you stuff, some offer compliments, and some ask you to “Lista de email” – whatever that means. Some of us can tolerate it, some us eventually get annoyed with it. (See my post, An Open Letter to a Spammer) So, that’s me, but what do other people do when they receive a spam comment, and how do they find it?

“Akismet does a good job of catching spam comments, so usually I know there is a good likelihood of a comment being spam before I even look at it. When I determine that it is, indeed, a spam comment, I feel annoyed and sad. I just delete…

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