The Soundtrack Of My Life – Part 6: The Testerone Side Of Canadian Music

So, my last soundtrack post was all about the musical ladies from Canada. I figured – just in the case of fairness – that I should take some time to mention the amazingly talented male artists from Canada.

There is no need to worry, though. There will be no Justin Bieber featured on this blog (although you have to give him some credit for being SO successful at so young and representing the Great White North – but, that being said, I still dislike him very much…mostly because of his autotune and lack of any real talent). Just sayin’.

Well, I thought that we would start this off with a bang. I’m sure everyone has heard that song – it’s all over the radio, all the time, here in Saskatoon. At the risk of being redundant, I think it is worth it. We’ve all heard…but you can’t help but love it. I love the way it starts…the first thirty seconds NEVER get old.

Here’s a song by a band that’s slowly been gaining popularity the last few years. While I haven’t been enjoying their newest album as much as their first couple…which is why I’m showing a song from one of those. I love the speed and flow of the lyrics in the verses. The band’s style and attempt at humour, though? Not really my thing…

This next band is one of my favourites. I absolutely love them, and the I love Raine Maida’s voice. He’s married to Chantal Kreviazuk (whose song I named my blog after) and, together, the two of them make quite the songwriting duo.

This final song speaks for itself in terms of ‘awesome-ness’. While there have been better renditions – namely Canada’s own K. D. Lang – Mr. Cohen is owed all the honours he’s gotten for this song, as the lyric is one of the best ever written.

Sorry if this post felt a little rushed. I don’t have much free time this evening.

Nevertheless, thanks for reading!

Till next,


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