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The following is a guest post by William Louison of What If It All Means Something

He is an active writer and self-publisher, who just won a Sunshine Award. You can check out his books at amazon, start here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B006YU1806/ref=mp_s_a_1?qid=1363702142&sr=8-4&pi=SL75

Now that you know about him, here’s a little bit directly from him. Enjoy!

What Science Fiction Means To Me
By William Louison

I grew up on Sci-Fi. My earliest memories consist of watching Star Trek with my family. At a very early age, I fell in love with outer space, aliens, starships, and everything else that makes Science Fiction so great.

To this day my favourite movies are Star Wars. I still get exhilarated watching these films I grew up with, and know all of the lines too. Each time I watch, I experience something a little bit different, but I never tire of them.

My whole life I’ve…

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  1. Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?(Whenever I say “favorite” in regards to anything on your blog I feel compelled to put a “u” in there but then I take it out because I decide that’s weird) ALSO, I tried to get out of Jury Duty yesterday by saying I’m obsessed with mysteries and science fiction and it didn’t work. I guess I should have dressed up as Darth Vader.

    • Haha you definitely should have! That would have made them turn you away in a hurry! haha So…my favourite Star Wars movie, eh? Well, that’s a no-brainer. It’s obviously The Empire Strikes Back. There’s just something about that movie that is spot on perfection. Darth Vader in cloud city…the addition of Lando Calrissian….the bounty hunters….the BIG REVEAL….oh yeah, and the Executor Super Star Destroyer. Gotta love it. Which one is your favourite?

      • Then the fact that I’m crazy would also probably go on my permanent record… But oh well, haha.

        Okay, at the risk of being twins again, I’m going to pick A New Hope. Or if you really want to switch things up, I do like Revenge of the Sith because it finally brings it all together. Just not Phantom Menace. Once I found a note in my friends wallet that said “I haven’t been this disappointed since The Phantom Menace”. And she has no idea how it got there. I mean I’m not going to say it stopped me from going to the 3D version last year when it came back out, but…

        • I totally went to see it in 3D, too! The light saber fights were worth it on the big screen (I don’t really remember seeing it theaters the first time). I feel like the simplest thing they could have done to fix Phantom Menace would have been to get rid of Jar Jar and feature more Darth Maul. There were a few other things wrong with the movie, but the overall storyline was good and had so much potential. The movie wasn’t bad, just wasn’t up to par with the rest. It was cool seeing Palpatine before the emperor and how he was controlling everything from back then even. Haha and I do love Revenge. It’s my favourite of the prequels. Such a great movie. Just to hear Palpatine say “Rise, Lord Vader” is worth it every time. Haha

        • I was the only person in the theater when I went, embarrassingly enough. I mean, I did go when everyone else was in school, but still semi sad for me nonetheless.

          So true! Jar Jar was just super distracting from all of the other cool things… Like Liam Neeson and a double-blade wielding Sith.

          I just like seeing how everything gets so dark, as creepy as that is…

        • No one even went with you?! That is kind of sad…I did like the podrace scene. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did they add in some extra podrace footage? Yeah, I’m one of those nerds….hahaha And I, too, loved when everything got dark. Among my favourite scenes: “Execute Order 66”, when Palpatine pretended to be hurt on to zap Mace to death, when Palpatine kicked the crap out of Yoda…haha I like Palpatine, if you hadn’t noticed. I also did enjoy the beheading of Dooku.

        • Hahaha, okay let me back up here so I sound like less of a loser. In all fairness, I was getting my hair cut so I was in this random shopping center, and everyone else was in school. And I was walking to my car and I saw the movie theater and I was like “I have nothing to do right now, and I’m going to be spontaneous and go see Star Wars”. So that’s how that happened. I didn’t really ask anyone to come.

          Also that’s hilarious, I think they did add in a little bit, because it seemed different to me, but obviously didn’t have anyone to ask. There were a couple of things that seemed different.

          I love yoda! That was cool but sad. I also really liked the plane landing scene but that’s probably because my family has a whole bunch of pilots.

        • I never thought you were a loser…maybe just that your friends were jerks, or something! lol “I’m not going to see some crappy Star Wars Trek movie!” haha Most of my friends are not nerds in the slightest, so I’m kind of on my own, too (although they do accept me and they do go to see Star Wars in 3D with me)! haha Yeah that was cool. I wonder what he’ll do to the originals… I hope he just leaves them be. When he tweaked a few things in the nineties for the ‘Special Edition’, he pretty much perfected them…and then he had to go and add Hayden Christiansen into Jedi at the end there. Not a nice touch, in my opinion…lol Is he still planning on releasing the others in 3D? I don’t really know how well Phantom did. I guess it’s in Disney’s hands now.
          I’m not bitter at all about Disney taking over. Maybe they can bring a different perspective (even though Lucas is a creative consultant), but it’s pretty rare for Disney to make a bad movie. Just look at what they’ve been doing with the Marvel movies lately. Awesome stuff. The only thing I hate is that the ‘new’ logo for Star Wars is the same, gold “Star Wars” that it’s always been. but above the title (in much smaller letters) is “Disney’s” so it reads: “Disney’s Star Wars”. That’s going a little too far, in my opinion…haha

        • Haha no you’re fine, *I* read that back though and felt like I needed to clarify. My friends probably would have gone with me if I had asked, I drag them to nerdy things all of the time and they usually roll their eyes but come anyway.

          I literally had to go dig out my dad’s VHS version because every single DVD was replaced with the Hayden Christensen version at the end and I had forgotten what it used to look like. Sad day.

          Disney’s been sneaking up for a while now… the whole Star Tours ride at Disneyland isn’t even that much fun, but I still go on it just because of the premise. But it’ll be interesting to see what they do!

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