Another addition to imPRESSive by Liam of ‘The Life of a Thinker’. Need I remind you, yet again, that I am a contributor to this blog series? As always, that’s reason enough to check it out! 😉

The Life of A Thinker

So this week is a break from the “blogging cycle” as such. Instead, I focus on the idea of there being no more blog conferences. With the success of YouTube comes the birth of events such as VidCon and ComicCon and other large events, and there’s writing events as well constantly publicised, but why isn’t this new era of writing – blogging – being publicised?

Webisode Four: Blog Conferences – Where Are They?

For many people, conferences are a great way to get people to showcase their skills to others. You learn valuable information which can assist you in your goals, or, in some cases, it can just be about making new friends. But when it comes to blogging, are there any blogging conferences, especially ones organised by WordPress?

“Yes. IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Conference.”– Eclectic Kneads

“No…”– Kanundra

“I am really only familiar with BlogHer.”– Emily…

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