I get a lot of people asking me why I named my blog “What If It All Means Something” and what that means (to me). I’ve been blogging since October of 2012, almost exactly 5 months. I know that the meaning of my blog’s title has changed over those five months, but the core values it has (for me) are the same. Here is a post that I wrote and posted EXACTLY five months ago. In it, I explain where I ‘found’ this title, why I decided to use it and what it means to me. Enjoy this little treasure from my blog’s archives! 🙂
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What If It All Means Something

For those of you who recognize the title of this blog and know where it came from: we’re going to get along just fine. For those of you who recognize the title, but are not quite sure where it comes from: I can deal with that. However, for those of you who do not recognize the title at all: shame on you.
I chose to call my blog “What If It All Means Something” because it is the title of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite singers, Chantal Kreviazuk.

Chantal Kreviazuk

Yes, that picture is of Chantal Kreviazuk, the wonderfully talented, beautiful and Canadian singer/songwriter/pianist. The song “What If It All Means Something”, is the title track of her third album which came out in 2002. It was written by Kreviazuk and her husband, Raine Maida (yes, the singer of Our Lady Peace). The reason why I chose…

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