Close (A Poem)

I can feel the night

As if I’m still awake

I can see your eyes

Like they never closed

I can almost trace

Each line on your face

Yet I can’t reach out

And bring you close


I can hear your voice

Whispering my name

I can taste your lips

That used to be speechless

I can almost imagine

That you are here with me

But you don’t want me

To bring you close


I can touch your shadow

And see it in the dark

I remember your scent

As if it hasn’t gone

I can almost reach out

To touch your hands

But you’re not here with me

You’re not even close


Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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4 thoughts on “Close (A Poem)

  1. That reads like a song. 🙂

  2. That’s a little bit sad 😥 But I enjoyed the rhythm, very nice rhythm.

    • I feel like a lot of my poetry is kind of sad…but not in a bad, depressive, manic way. haha If it could be sad in a good, healthy way, that is what I’d call it. Probably best if we just stick with plain sad, though! Thanks for the compliment. I actually imagined this as a song when I wrote it, which is probably why the rhythm is so damn good – if I don’t say so myself. Thanks, Jay.

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