The third part to the imPRESSive webisode. Did I mention that I contributed? Isn’t that reason enough to check it out? 😉

The Life of A Thinker

So you’re now starting to blog regularly, but you want your posts to be read, you want more people. But how? How can a blogger attract viewers to their site? It is a big world for bloggers after all…

Webisode Three: Stats and Attracting Views:

Welcome to week three of imPRESSive, I hope that you’re enjoying the journey. This week, we venture further into the blog cycle, into the next stage, getting the views and stats you deserve. If you blog regularly, views will be stable, but slowly rise in terms of your all – time views, but the views itself will only be by regular followers. How do you get the new views, and the widespread discussion going? Of course, social networks like Facebook and Twitter help to publicise the posts (hence the feature, Publicise). We are determined to get every post we make views… But can we…

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