The Bookends Of My Life – 8: Who Says Fairy Tales Are Just For Adults?

I don’t know about you, but I connect Fairy Tales to my childhood and, nowadays, when I think about Fairy Tales I get a nostalgic feeling of pleasant remembrance. I remember all of the Disney movies that I used to watch with my siblings when we were young children, and I still cherish these memories. Among my favourites are Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

Apart from movies, my mom used to read to us fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Thumbelina and the list goes on. Because of not only mine but my siblings’ interest in fairy tales as well, my mom showed us the Danny Kaye film Hans Christian Andersen, about the writer of the same name. This piqued my interest even more, as I became aware of the cultural and historical impact that fairy tales had.

Some years later I made a rather smart purchase – if I don’t say so myself – on these two books:

BE7 - Fables2BE7 - Fables1I have to say that I do not regret this in the slightest. These are packed with a lot of stories, but they are a good read – mostly. I haven’t yet made it through them all, but I will someday. There is a lot of great stuff here, and I think that a lot of children nowadays may be missing some of the magic of these tales.

They encourage imagination and help develop creativity, much more than any video game I know (except, perhaps, Minecraft). But they instill a sense of wonder in children, and they provide a life-long endearment and affection for all things fantastical and magical. Whether it’s princesses, dragons, adventures in Neverland or run-ins with witches, there is something both wonderful and powerful about fairy tales that I enjoy so much.

Oh yeah, and there is this whole ‘moral to the story’ thing, which speaks for itself in terms of importance. But that is just a bonus to the whole package, because fairy tales are more than just sappy tales of good morals.

At the very core of what they are, fairy tales are simply good stories that instill excitement, rev up one’s imagination and, whether realized or not, connects the readers and viewers to a historical tradition that celebrates the finest examples of plain, old story-telling.

What do you guys think about fairy tales? I know there are some fans out there, somewhere.

Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “The Bookends Of My Life – 8: Who Says Fairy Tales Are Just For Adults?

  1. I love fairy tales! Sleeping Beauty is my absolute favorite and always has been, I wish I could be Aurora on a daily basis! (Minus the whole curse thing…)

    • Yeah, they are pretty sweet. I love Sleeping Beauty too, but my favourite character is the evil witch! She’s so sweet, with her evil, little raven. haha

  2. Shauna

    I don’t know why, but I’ve always really liked Rumplestiltskin. I have other favourites but there’s just something about that story that keeps it so interesting.

    • I always though Rumplestiltskin was kind of creepy…haha But that’s just me.

      • Shauna

        The character himself is a bit creepy, but the fairy tale as a whole is quite interesting. I mean, it’s based on lies and greed, and no one is actually punished for lying etc in the end.

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