For The Love Of It

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Today, on my day off from the day-job, I chose to hang around the house in my comfies and do whatever I darn-well wanted. One of the things I ended up doing on a whim was watching a documentary called Happy. I’m kind of glad I did! It presented some thoughts that were new to me and also affirmed some of my own theories on what makes people happier or more content.

Now, writers and other creative types, I want you to pay attention to this part. A large fraction of a person’s overall happiness (according to the research presented in the documentary) is doing something you’re good at and that you enjoy, simply for the love of it. Writers, if you do that thing you love (writing), but you attach the stress of having to do it (paycheck) or the pressure of it needing to please another person (reviews), it drains all the happiness out of it. Think on that…

Getting out in nature is one more thing that consistently makes people happier.

taken at River Legacy

Also, another thing that happier people do is bounce back from bad situations.

Read more here.

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2 thoughts on “For The Love Of It

    • I was going to just copy the whole post and pretend that I wrote it…but somehow I figured you might find out. Then I thought that wouldn’t be very nice…. lol Just kidding. That happened to me once…I found a post of mine on another blog without a link back and the author was claiming that they wrote it :S So I make sure to link back always…and by only using half the post hopefully a lot of people wanted to finish it, so they went back to your blog! Thanks for giving me the okay to do this!

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