Just Another Day – 8: Valentine’s Day

My mom made these today.

cookiesSo it’s Valentine’s Day again. I don’t really see the point of this day, but then again I’m kind of cynical. I understand that it is the feast day of St. Valentine…but I don’t think it needs to be so commercial. You shouldn’t have to wait for that one special day to tell that special someone how much you care. They should already know because you should have already told them…frequently.

I’m not bitter about it, nor am I upset by the day, I just don’t see the point nor the pressure put on people to get flowers or chocolates or whatever. It’s funny, actually, because my sister said to me that she wonders what her boyfriend will do for her today. Why does he have to do something for you? What are you going to do for him?

Much the same as my girlfriend asked if we were buying each other presents. My first thought: what, you didn’t get enough at Christmas? My second thought: I can barely make my car payment, how am I supposed to afford to buy presents? My third thought: man, Valentine’s Day is so stupid.

That’s just kind of how I feel. Besides, I don’t have time for dinner or dates because I have an essay due tomorrow. Hell, I barely have time for this post – but it is nice to get five minutes away from essay writing.

My girlfriend was actually rather upset about this because she told me that Valentine’s Day means a lot to her and that we should spend it together. I don’t really believe in that. Besides, my essay due tomorrow takes priority, and will always take priority. Sorry.

Am I being too harsh and cynical?

Probably…but I really don’t care. This is me. I don’t think I need to spend this particular night with my girlfriend – and she should realize it’s because of school. We can make up for it on the weekend. Besides, if I didn’t care about her, I wouldn’t be dating her.

This all makes sense to me, so I don’t understand why it doesn’t for her.

Then again, what do I know, right? 😉

So, this is how I spent my Valentine’s Day:

BDG02BZCUAA7H3z.jpg largeHow did yours go?

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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19 thoughts on “Just Another Day – 8: Valentine’s Day

  1. Haha! My family doesn’t go for any big holidays. I forgot about Valentines day, which was yesterday for me now, and remembered that I’d forgotten it as they were all talking about it in America on the net. (But by then it was over.) I usually forget holidays anyway. We eat chocolate on the many other days of the year 😉

    • Exactly. This holiday has no personal meaning for me. Just another day (as the title of this post suggests…look at my insight). 😉 Thanks for stopping by! And chocolates are good any day of the year. There is no special day that makes them taste better.

  2. I could have written an identical blog post, literally. My essay is 8 pages on Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler. What’s yours?

    • 3,000 words on Ancient Greek New Comedy by Ancient Greek Playwright Menander and the Ancient Novel by Ancient Greek writer Xenophon. Lots of Ancient Greek, lots of plays and lots of boring.

      • Oh we’re doing Xenophon soon in my Paganism to Christianity class. I’m currently on page 29 of this 400 page book so it’s going to be a fun night. Yay procrastination!

    • Xenophon was actually not bad. It’s the plays that suck lol What novel by Xenophon are you reading?

      • Mine isn’t that bad either it’s just really dense for reading it all in one night and writing a paper on it. And I don’t remember, but I think we’re just doing more of an overview, I remember seeing the name on there for next week.

    • Ah I see…that’s fun. And I know procrastination. I started out today with 500 words. A LOT of notes, mind…but only 500 words. In my defense, I finished my Ancient Rome Essay proposal early and aced my mid-terms this week – well, except for Latin. We don’t want to talk about Latin. But I really wasn’t interested in the subject matter which is why I’ve been avoiding it.

      • That’s funny, it’s midterms week for me too, and I’ve been busy writing papers on Jane Eyre and studying for my Ancient Civilizations test yesterday. Parable of the Talents was the least interesting thing on my list so I put it off , and now here I am… Glad I’m not the only one! Sounds like you’re better off than I am, though!

    • Honestly…I hope so. I need to be in class in ten hours. Between now and then I have to finish this paper, proof it extensively, find time to sleep, wake up and proof again – in case my crack of dawn English turned out to be not as revolutionary as it will seem when I start writing half-asleep and make it to class to hand this in. Why do I do this to myself? lol

      • Well, if you start feeling like you’re going crazy and you need someone to read over it, I’ll be awake! I can’t guarantee that I won’t be crazy too, but at least it’s something haha

    • Okay. Well that’s encouraging. Thanks! 🙂 I extend the same to you. Although, I am crazy all of the time… lol Oh well, its funny because tweeting and being on here actually helps me get more done. I’ll be writing my essay and might get a paragraph done and then I start to zone out and can’t focus. As soon as I go on Twitter or here, once I get back to my essay in a minute or two, I can focus on it again and write another paragraph lol

      • Thanks! Haha I’m doing sort of the same, only I’m sorting through tweets and blogs to see if anyone on the planet has actually ever read this book… It’s looking unlikely. Life lesson: keep up with your reading instead of reading everything but the book you’re supposed to.

    • Well…you could try me on Twitter and Facebook…but I’m pretty sure I haven’t read your book before. Sorry. 😉

  3. Shauna

    I agree, Valentine’s is way too commercial, but then again, what isn’t nowadays?

    • How very true and very sad. It’s a shame…although I don’t mind it when they commercialize nerd stuff. More things for me to buy lol

  4. My husband and I decided to ignore it this year. Something about being in Target the day before, shopping for a couple of groceries, and seeing the ridiculously crowded aisles of chocolates and flowers made me roll my eyes. It’s a hugely marketed money-maker, in my opinion. I once thought it was special, and when I was single I celebrated it as “Single Awareness Day.” But Valentine’s Day, for me, has mainly served me through the years as a day to have high expectations and get disappointed. I think I cared more about what my guy got me on V-day because my FRIENDS cared. This year, I’m pushing my friends’ opinions out the door and actually feeling how I feel about it, which is that it’s stupid and a way for big companies to get rich. Wow, that was a long comment. *lol* Sorry.

    • Hey I like long comments because I can leave them too, sometimes. I just ramble and ramble…but you didn’t. All of what you said makes sense, and it makes sense to me. Even more, my Term 2 tuition was due at the end of January so I had to save up like mad to get $3000 to give to the university. And, I still need to make my car payment, license plate, cell phone and martial arts (thank God my parents let me live at home for free because I’m in school…it’s there way of helping out, because they don’t have the money to pay for my school anyways)…so I’m kinda broke. I can’t afford to buy presents for someone else. I haven’t even been able to buy anything for me, except that Year of the Snake coin I showed you on Twitter that I bought at Christmas time and cost me a grand total of $30. lol Bottom line is broke student = cheap boyfriend lol And I think the whole concept is kind of dumb.

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