Spotlight: C.J. Sullivan

Why I Write

A Guest-Blog Post

By C.J. Sullivan


If you ask a writer why he or she writes, you’re going to get different answers. Some people write because they need validation as a person and have something to prove. Some write primarily for the money and the fame. Some write for the love of it. Some write because it seems like the popular thing to do these days. I’ve been writing stories since I was five years old. Let me tell you five main reasons why I write:

Reason #1) I write to entertain.

Ever since I was a little girl, my family members and friends would ask me to write stories for them. It greatly entertained them to see a subject they picked out come to life. I’d often write poems or tales for people’s birthday or Christmas presents because it brought them a lot of joy, and I loved to see them enjoy it. Now, as an adult, I still write to entertain, but I’ve branched out and am having a blast providing entertainment for complete strangers. Writing to entertain also includes entertaining myself. I never got bored growing up because I could always take my notepad and pens and go hide in an attic or find a comfy place at the base of a tree and entertain myself for hours.

Reason #2) I write to teach.

Life is the best teacher. And I have learned a lot of things the hard way. In my stories, I like to include important lessons that my characters have to learn the hard way but that my readers can possibly learn just by reading it. I guess a part of me hopes if someone reads the situation, they might one day avoid having to go through it themselves and bypass some of life’s heartache.

Reason #3) I write to express myself creatively.

I am a huge proponent of having a healthy creative outlet for yourself. Whether that’s painting, cooking, decorating, playing a musical instrument, etc., we all need a way (or a number of ways) to channel our energy. Having your own mode of creative expression allows you to exorcise your inner demons, deal with issues in life you might be struggling with, and experience the wonderful feeling of creating something out of nothing.

Reason #4) I write to learn things about myself.

Many times, I’ll write a story, and some underlying theme will present itself that I hadn’t even planned when I began to put the story together. It’s like my subconscious is working on revealing some truth inside of me, and once the story’s done, I’ll go back and realize something about myself that I hadn’t known before. For instance, in Wings of the Divided: The Divided Book 1, there is this great underlying theme of how important friends are. During the writing of that book, I became somewhat of a hermit and put my friends on the back burner. After I was done, I could have slapped myself. Here I was, writing about the very thing that I’d pushed away. I learned something about myself. I learned that no matter what projects I had going on, I was from then on going to keep my close friends and family as a major priority because they mattered to me.

Reason #5) I write because writing is a craft that you never stop learning.

When you start being serious about the craft of writing, you first learn the tools, such as grammar and correct sentence structure. As you get into it, you learn more about character development, plot pacing, and the like. It seems like there’s always something to learn, whether it’s current trends in fiction, new editing programs, or learning all about an era in history because you want to set a story in that time period. Writing is the perfect way to keep your brain active and always learning. It’s the craft that keeps on giving!

-C.J. Sullivan

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C.J. Sullivan is a Texan-based writer, author of The Divided book trilogy, about fallen angels sent to Earth on an errand of discord. When not writing, she enjoys the Texan countryside as well as the never-dull urban metropolises, watching cult-classic movies and reading anything that suits her fancy.

Wings of the Divided, the first book in her epic trilogy that was published in 2012, follows the fallen angel Laphelle on his mission to modern day Earth. His task: start fresh chaos behind the scenes. But everything changes when he hears the sound of the violin one fateful night. The heavenly music stirs thoughts of his life before the Fall, a time he does not consciously remember. Confused and intrigued, he begins to spiral out of control when he discovers he can actually play the violin with stunning talent. This unknown skill, along with the surprising relationship he develops with the violin’s owner, pushes him to question his role in the war of good and evil.

An emotional, character-driven adventure, at times humorous and fun, and at others dark and horrific, Wings of the Divided is the first book in an epic trilogy that explores the sacred bond of friendship, the universal power of music, and the question of redemption.

The Divided Book 2, Blade of the Divided was published on February 1, 2013. Picking up on Laphelle’s journey where Book 1 left off,  Blade of the Divided takes the trilogy to epic heights as the stakes are raised even higher. Laphelle finds himself forced to make near-impossible choices and unexpected alliances, while his life hangs in the balance.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight: C.J. Sullivan

  1. I did not know she was a Texan :). It sounds like she has enough reasons to write, she is amazingly colorful writer, it’s a pleasure reading her

    • Yeah. I’ve never met her in person, but we actually met on Twitter (I think because of NaNoWriMo). We’ve just been tweeting here and there, back and forth, and we got into following each others blogs. I actually just started “Wings Of The Divided” a few days ago. It’s not my genre of choice, but she read my book and I want to return the favour. I have to say that I am not yet disappointed. She is an extremely talented writer, and I’m hoping that I’m able to learn a few things from her about writing through her books and blog. And on top of all of this, she’s just a genuinely nice person. Her and her husband have both helped me if I have any questions about self-publishing and formatting. I’m only 20 and new to the self-publishing world, so she’s shared a lot of experience and offered a lot of encouragement. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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