Well here’s another shameless plug (but it is my blog, after all). I’d just like to quickly mention that I added Messages: A Collection Of Poems to GoodReads as well now. If you read my earlier post of today you will have realized that Perspective was added (by someone other than me, believe it or not) so I decided it was about time that I finally figure out how to add books for myself – which I did – and I put up Messages on GoodReads as well.

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So, like my almost-pointless post about Perspective earlier today, I just want to shamelessly advertise that it is now on GoodReads so any reviews would be helpful. If you don’t know much about Messages, than this is the post for you. Read on.

Messages is a collection of fifty-four poems that details a personal journey through life – both the good times and the bad. From the doubts of adolescence and the desire to fit in to the experience of falling in love and the hurt that follows a break-up, Messages is a search for the answer to a question that many people ask when they are at the lowest points in their lives – “why am I alive?”
Exploring such topics as uncertainty, heartache, loneliness, stress, depression, perseverance and taking comfort in the knowledge that things could always be worse, Messages is more than just a journey through life – it is a tale of new beginnings.

Here is a preview to Messages:

1 – innocence lost



Twenty thousand pages

And I don’t know what they’re trying to say


Twenty thousand years of these

Just to remind me that I’ve changed


Twenty generations back

Only to show me the world is not the same


Twenty thousand years lost

And there is no way to find it again


Twenty thousand pages

Still don’t know what they’re trying to say


                Forever is just a moment

                That never really ends

                While eternal is like a lifetime

                That never gets too spent

                For in this moment of

                Forgotten reverence

                Is held the key of eternity

                And the breaking of all sense

                Forever cannot exist

                If eternal cannot be

                But forever is only forever

                Outside of eternity

                There is some sense in all of this

                It will just take some time you see

                But know that time is subject to

                The laws of reality

                And although they can be broken

                They can never really be changed

                So don’t waste your time on forever

                When there is eternity to gain

                And if forever is eternal

                Then someone has told you lies

                For forever is forever

                But eternal never dies


                 When I look into a mirror

                   Sometimes nothing is all I see

                   But if all I see is nothing

                   Who, then, can see me?

                   For the world is like a mirror

                   Reflecting my most inner thoughts

                   When I try to make things clearer

                   All my efforts become lost

                   When I look into that mirror

                   Because I have long since abandoned mine

                   All I can see is nothing

                   So nothing is all I will find


                             I need more than this

                             A lot more than ever

                             I can’t live like this

                             I’m going crazy inside

                             Confused by bliss

                             Why does it have to be this way

                             I can’t change how I feel

                             But I can try and hide it again

                             I have been blinded

                             My eyes won’t take anymore

                             I can’t believe what they see

                             Terrible discord

                             I try to yearn

                             Stretch out my dreams

                             But this earth has to turn

                             And leave me behind

                             And who am I

                             To argue any different

                             I’m just another guy

                             There’s nothing special here

                             I have been made deaf

                             My ears don’t care to listen

                             I can’t believe what they hear

                             Now I don’t hear anything at all

                             I need more than this

                             A lot more than ever

                             I can’t live like this

                             I’m going crazy inside

No One Knows Me

You think you know who I am

You think you know how I feel

You think you know all about me

But let me show you what’s real

You think you know my life

You think you know how I live it

You think you know all my problems

You think you can solve them

You don’t you are them

You don’t know they are you

You think you know me

But that’s not the truth

You don’t know me

You can’t understand

There’s more than you can ever see

Or even comprehend

You can’t know me

You can’t control me

Because you don’t own me

You don’t even love me



Dissonance Discord Discordance Dissentience

Difference Contention Variance Dissension

Absonant Dissociable Dissonant Irreconcilable

Assumption Audaciousness Presumption Rudeness

Friction Hostility Disruption Incongruity

Conflict Inharmony Contradict Enmity

Discrepant Opposed Inconsistent Inappropriate

Malapropos Unapt Unbecoming Disconnect

Incongruous Incompatible Repugnant Untenable

Irreverence Incivility Insolence Discourtesy



What is it like to be blind?

I wonder silently to myself

To have no vision of blue

Or red

Or yellow

And green

And purple

Are as mysterious

As a rainbow

I can’t imagine being blind

I tell myself quietly

No more fields


Vistas or

Simple smiles

For my hands would be my eyes

But how can a hand see any beauty?

Beauty is not just

In the physical

But that look in

Someone’s eye

When you know that

They are special

And they’re looking right

Back at you

So how can a hand feel that glance

Or even know what it is

To see that

Special face?

So I ask myself

Could I handle

Being blind?

Could I handle

Shadows for friends

And mystery for a


Could I live in a world

Where sound

Is my best friend?

Where I walk

With a tool

That announces

My weakness

To everyone

Around me

And when I ask myself

If I could live life blind

I have only

One answer


But as soon as I say it

I know I’m

Being unfair

And my kind of thinking

Can be terribly


Into a fire of


That my words

Blindly fuel

So I have to stop for a


And really think to


About how I’m


These strangers

Who can’t see for


And this is what


When I judge


With my eyes

For if I couldn’t

See you

I’d actually have to

Know you

To decide if I

Like you

But I am not blind

And I know that I

Judge too quickly

Which is why I think

That sometimes

Even the blind

Can see

Better than me

Messages: A Collection Of Poems is currently being exclusively sold through Amazon in Kindle eBook format and paperback. Right now, you can buy the Kindle version of Messages for $0.99 USD, and the paperback for $13.99.

Messages actually reached the Top 10 on the Kindle Top 100 Paid Poetry Anthologies and the Top 20 on the Kindle Top 100 Paid Poetry lists. Last week, when I did a free promotion of Messages, it reached the Top 10 on the Free Poetry list and #1 on the Free Poetry Anthologies list.

That’s pretty exciting, I think, don’t you? Messages was published on January 29, 2013 so it’s fairly new and I could use your support in getting it ‘out there’, so to speak. Thanks for the encouragement and for any purchases and reviews you may make.

Till Next,


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