Great post on a great blog. The Smaller Half never fails to make me smile! 🙂

The Smaller Half

It seems nature wants to kill us. The vast majority of space is, to put it very lightly, uninhabitable. The light-years of cold, silent emptiness between even the closest neighbors among the stars dwarf the deserts of earth to a microscopic scale. The stars themselves are nuclear reaction ovens, emitting radiation and harmful rays that would kill a human long before they reached the inconceivably hot surface. Black holes threaten to devour anything that ventures too near. The final frontier is an uncharted, uncompromising, unfriendly one.

And yet there exists a small island, so small as to be nearly indistinguishable from the specks of dust and clumps of atoms scattered about the cosmos. It is a tiny dot, nigh invisible to anyone who doesn’t already know where it is. On this small blue speck, elements are kept in balance such that the storms raging amidst the icy blackness all around are held at…

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  1. What I love about following blogs – is that every so often they do a supercool reblog and I find something I didn’t know existed. Thanks!

    • You’re very welcome, but we really need to thank The Smaller Half – whose blog is amazing every post. I’m sure the blogger will appreciate any extra views and such! Thanks for reading!

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