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A Guest-Blog Post by The Life Of A Thinker

I write for pleasure, but I aim to be published one day. But I never rush things. Sure, the idea of meeting deadlines is key when you are assigned to an agent or publisher, but writing is a craft, it should not be rushed. That is when the idea in your head differs from what you write on the page, and that’s not a good idea.

I’m a true supporter of “carrying a notebook with you at all times”. What you write can be a tiny idea that needs to be written ASAP, and you can return to it later. There’s no rush.

I carry a notebook with me everywhere, and it sure helps. Many ideas I have in the past would not have evolved into stories and poems if I hadn’t included them in my notebook. I then use the notes in my notebook, and copy them up on to computer (I prefer Word Processing my work). Then, when the notes are copied up, I try to branch on more on what I write, and ideas after ideas keep coming, and sooner or later, I have finished with a chapter. Personally I think it’s a great method.

Then there’s the topic of research. Yep, that one word that some writers don’t like thinking about – research. Every genre needs it, and it decreases the amount of unnecessary questions that the reader asks. Sure, you want them to have questions in their minds throughout – that’s what gets them turning the page, but not ones about facts, as that’s when readers lose interest. Not good.

So what I do is read books (of course) and actually experience things. What you see, hear and do influences how you write and what you write. That’s really a moral of this post. Characters, plots and ideas, they all come from people you see, things you hear, newspapers you read.

Life is perfect for us as writers as it gives us time. Time gives us opportunities to experience things, and from experience we gain knowledge and ideas. And before you know it, you have a completed novel.

Good luck, and thanks for reading,


The Life of a Thinker

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