The Soundtrack Of My Life – 2: I Just Can’t Get Enough

When I listen to music I definitely go through phases. I’ll get really into a particular artist and only want to listen to their music. Then, a week or two later, it will change to someone else and continue on like this. Often times I will return back to one of these artists, and it just keeps cycling through. Some weeks I only want to listen to The Corrs, and then the next is All-American Rejects and then Jewel, Annie Lennox, Etienne Drapeau, and then maybe back to The Corrs and then Blondie, etc. Every once in a while I’ll just want to listen to my iPod on shuffle (and with over 7,000m songs, there is a lot to choose from.

Right now is not one of those shuffle times. Right now I’ve been really obsessing over some soft-rock singers of the 80s. Kim Carnes, Bryan Adams, Bonnie Tyler…

And here are two artists that I’ve been listening to a lot of these last few days. Especially these two songs. I just can’t seem to get enough. I’ve loved these songs for years, and they’ve been on my iPod for years, but I’m really ‘in’ to them right now. I’m sure many of you will recognize these artists (or at least the songs….I hope), but if you don’t, maybe you’ll hear something you like.

And yes, I am aware that these videos are a little cheesy, but I like them a whole lot more than the Madonna-Nicki Minaj-GaGa-type videos we see nowadays. There is no symbolism, political messages, social consciousnesses….just good music and plain, simple videos that don’t take anything away from the music.


Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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