This Is Perhaps The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Written

I was digging through my writing files today, trying to find a relevant short story to post that was both well-written and engaging. I wanted to find a story because I haven’t posted any actual writing for a while, so I thought it might be nice to change the norm of my ramblings. While I did find a few suitable stories, I stumbled upon something else that made me laugh.

It is the beginning of a novel that I started when I was probably ten years old. Reading it now, it’s pretty much a copy of He-Man with some elements of Sailor Moon and Lord of the Rings thrown in just for fun. How I ever thought this could pass for a real novel is beyond me and, of all the stories I’ve written in my life, I think that this is the worst one. Would you like a laugh? It definitely got a chuckle or two from me…but maybe that’s because I can remember writing this and thinking that I had a New York Times Bestseller just waiting to be published…oh how far I’ve come.

The War Of The Moon


The Moon was a beautiful place, filled with lush gardens and abundant in wildlife, plant and animal alike! There are five major regions or provinces on the Moon, with a capital city in each region. The cities and regions are Itheriax, Capital of Itherium, Mithriadel, Capital of Mythellen, Talice, Capital of Talisium, Honeywell, Capital of Honfestion, and Labyrinthine, Capital of Carterous.

There is also one capital of the entire Moon. Moon City, also called the City of the Moon, Capital of the Moon. The City of the Moon lies in the direct center of the Moon, uniting all five of the provinces in one city. In the Moon City lies the Government of the Moon. In the very center of the Moon City lies two twin buildings, one being the Senate Building, the other, the Palace of the Moon.

The Moon is under the leadership of the Senate, and the Senate under the leadership of a Queen. The Senate houses ten positions, with two extra seats available for certain circumstances. The ten main seats are: The Queen, the Queen’s Aide, the Princess, the Princess’ Aide, the Supreme Chancellor, the Senator of Itherium, the Senator of Mythellen, the Senator of Talisium, the Senator of Honfestion, and the Senator of Carterous.

The current queen is Sheryl and her daughter, the princess, is Beryl. Sheryl’s aide is the old, wizened Joseph, and Beryl’s aide is the old Tremar.  Illyrian holds the title of Supreme Chancellor, ruler of the Senate, save for the Queen. Senator SilverMoon represents Itherium, Senator Agen represents Mythellen, Senator Tayloz represents Talisium, Senator Humphrey represents Honfestion, and Senator Skell represents Carterous.

The Queen had the final say on every decision, but usually allowed the Senate to vote and used that to influence her own choice. Most Queens didn’t have a spouse; there have only been three kings in the history of the Moon. If the Queen gave birth to a boy and not a girl, another queen will be chosen from relatives-the royal blood is needed, otherwise the Moon is shamed.

Members of the Royal Family-and only a few are they-are not allowed to serve on the Senate unless they are the Queen or Princess. If a member of the Royal Family has a spouse, that spouse may serve on the Senate for he/she does not have Royal Blood coursing through himself/herself. However, if the two were to have a child, the child would not be allowed to serve on the Senate. The Conditions of the Moon are strict, but offer great reward to all who follow them.


The Senate Chambers were white, with pink flowers here and there. The Senate Room hosted twelve chairs, and ten people were sitting in the chairs. Twin chairs stood at the front of the chamber, Sheryl and Beryl sat there. To Sheryl’s left was Joseph, and to Beryl’s right was Tremar. To Tremar’s right sat Illyrian, and to Illyrian’s right sat Agen. Across from Illyrian and left of Joseph sat SilverMoon. To SilverMoon’s left sat Skell. Two empty chairs sat across from each other at the back of the room.

“Excellent,” Sheryl began. “Now that you are all here, we can begin.” She stood up, her red hair shimmering. “As always, I am Sheryl, your Queen.” The Queen sat back down and glanced at the nine others in the room. “I now call upon Supreme Chancellor Illyrian for a briefing on the Rebels.”

Supreme Chancellor Illyrian stood up. “Thank you, Queen Sheryl,” he began. “Now, it has come to most of your attentions that a dangerous group of terrorists is on the rise. Under the leadership of the man called Gargoth, the Rebels have destroyed the small village of Quinn, on the border of Carterous.” He paused, allowing the Senators to take in what he told them. “These Rebels must be stopped at all costs.” He pounded a fist into his open palm. “We must take action.”

What do you think?

Does anyone else have any stories saved from when they were a young kid?

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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8 thoughts on “This Is Perhaps The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Written

  1. The first stories I wrote were when I around five, awful detective noir series about Barney and Sesame Street. But I think it says about the innateness of writing. Cherish the awful stories of youth 🙂

    • That sounds interesting! If there wasn’t so much copyright issues in your idea…you might’ve been able to sell it lol I have many stories from my childhood. “The Beautiful Lady”, “The Ugly Witch” lol Stuff like this. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Your title made this an irresistible read! I can’t bear to look back at old stuff – mine is way worse than this 😉

    • I’m sure that’s what everyone says…but this is pretty bad. I said Moon probably 10 ten times in nearly half as many sentences lol Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I recently came across a play I wrote for a college course. I would NEVER have the courage to let someone else read it now.

    I think that your 10-year-old-writing is better than my college writing. I actually like this story.

    • Except all the characters are based off action figures from Lord of the Rings, He-Man and Sailor Moon lol it’s all like copyrighted material…but I don’t know. This makes me laugh lol I used to be ashamed of stuff like this…but I stopped caring. You don’t need to worry about showing anyone else…no one has made fun of this yet. And if they do, at least you gave them a laugh in their probable said, rude life! And if you never show your old work, hold on to it. It’s neat to see where you were and where you are now in terms of writing ability! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I would totally buy that book 😀

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