The Bookends Of My Life – Part 6: My First Book Review

So, if you haven’t already noticed, I love to talk (or type, whatever), and I love to share my opinions on all things writing and reading (I always give very valuable information, mind, so don’t take me for granted), and I figured it was time to start reviewing some books. Well, I’ve kind of already been doing this with The Bookends Of My Life, but I would love to take this opportunity to review the books of fellow bloggers and writers (perhaps in the hope they’ll do the same…just kidding 😉 ).

Anyways, this first post is about a book I promised to read nearly two months ago and I feel really sorry that I have taken so long to finish it. I’d actually been away from it for so long that I just re-read the entire thing last week.

Keep in mind, too, that this will be a spoiler FREE review, as I want to recommend these books to you and who wants to read a book after getting a bunch of spoilers, right? So, bear in mind that this will be more like a rating and something you’d find on, rather than a full-fledged, spoiler infused review.

Anyways, here we go.


Bookends Of My Life – 6: The Book Review Edition


Book: The Dark Yergall

Author: Jason Sullivan

Digital Price: FREE (so this means there is no excuse for you to at least download it)

Book URL:

This book is also available in iBooks if you do not have a NOOK.

Author Website:

Author Twitter:

My rating: 9/10


It’s hard to pin a specific genre to this book, but I would say it’s a Science-Fiction, Futuristic Comedy of sorts in a world that must have taken a lot of imagination, ingenuity and humorous thinking to create. Don’t worry too much if you’re not a Science-Fiction reader, because this is your typical Star Wars or Star Trek.

The Dark Yergall does have many Sci-Fi elements, as it deals with aliens and evil empires, but I would say that the comedy is at a forefront (although sometimes it is very subtle). There is a lot of ‘tech’ talk in this book, but it is not your typical ‘Flux Capacitor and Ion Drives’. The tech talk in this book actually adds to the humour and helps create an atmosphere for the reader that will make you chuckle throughout most of the book.

You have to understand that this is not laugh out loud funny that will send you into hysterics – although there was one or two scenes that pushed me over the edge – but rather more subtle humour that is intricately weaved throughout every aspect of the book. From the Imkass Empire, the evil Yerggs, the InfoMod, InforOrg, InfoAlert, DefectoMod, etc. comedy is present throughout.

I can’t really offer any criticisms for three reasons:

1-This book was actually out of my reading (and writing) comfort zone. Until now, that is, and I have plans to read the sequel soon.

2-I, myself, am so alien to the genre (good pun or bad pun? 😉 ) that I don’t know how to make any recommendations.

3-I think it’s pretty difficult to criticize a book that had me chuckling the whole way through.

This being said, I don’t think that I’d really have any recommendations for this book because there’s nothing for me to offer.  Jason Sullivan had a vision in his head when he wrote this book, and it is consistent throughout. The main character, a journalist named Nosir, felt to me very real – as did many other characters, but Nosir was the best characterization in this book. At first I thought he was going to be some comic buffoon, but I quickly realized that he was something different entirely. Nosir was not so much an idiot, but rather he was placed in many humorous and often ironic situations, which read well with his character.

I have one last thing to mention before I leave you all. If you like sarcasm…this is definitely a book for you. The sarcastic elements were what made me laugh the most. Some of them are very well crafted, like when we are first learning about the Imkass Empire. Many sections could read like a regular, humorless description but after a second read-through of particular sections, I really noticed the sarcasm. Being a sarcastic person, I can definitely relate.

So, if you like humour, irony and sarcasm in a Sci-Fi environment, I suggest The Dark Yergall by Jason Sullivan. If you don’t like these things, maybe you should get a life. 😉 Just teasing.

Well, thanks for reading and thanks to Jason for writing a book that made me laugh more than almost any book I’ve read.

Till Next,


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7 thoughts on “The Bookends Of My Life – Part 6: My First Book Review

  1. Thank you very much for this insightful review. I am truly honored that ‘The Dark Yergall’ is your first book review. I think this is the highest compliment/award it has ever received. Thus far, anyway 😉 I like the way you describe ‘The Dark Yergall’ as a Futuristic Comedy and I am glad it elicited a few laughs! When a writer gets a thoughtful review such as yours, it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you again 🙂

    • Hey! No problem! In this series of posts I’ve been talking about real famous books that most people probably know so I thought I should try reading some stuff that isn’t as famous as say Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. It’ll make my posts a little more unique and hopefully get you at least a little but of interest in your book. I’m glad you’re happy with it. 🙂

  2. Now following on Twitter! Maybe we are distant cousins??

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