Check out this blog. She may be the female version of myself. Or I the male version of her. But that’s beside the point. The point is this is a sweet post, especially so if you are a nerd, like me!
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  1. Thank you so much! I’m so, so flattered that you re-blogged this 🙂 See, I told you we were meant to be friends! I don’t think anyone has ever validated my nerdiness in such a nice way before! Most of my friends are just like, “Okay, you go read the Lord of the Rings again, we’ll be over here…” Not to say that they don’t appreciate it, they just don’t QUITE understand, you know?

    • I know. Most of my friends get it, because they are nerdy in some way (but not as insane as me), but there are some that shake their head. Last year my brother’s girlfriend said that if she was dating someone who had the stuff I do that she’d make them throw it out. That’s when I said that if I had a girlfriend who wanted me to throw out all of my stuff I’d throw her out! haha

      • Yes, kick her to the curb if that’s how she feels! I hate it when people make ultimatums like that. I have that problem too, but I think it’s because I don’t have that man friends that are as nerdy as I am, because when you look at me, you probably wouldn’t assume that I have the interests I do. That sounds really bad, and maybe I’m unfairly generalizing myself and other people, but I’m not sure how else put it. My friends appreciate my nerdy ways, but when I’m laughing about something or spouting some quote that they have no idea what I’m talking about, it gets a tad lonely in my case.

        • Yeah…sometimes I feel the same way. And then some people look at you like, “Oh my God…how old ARE you?” Whatever though…they’re the ones missing out! Man, where were you when I was in high school and only had four friends? Four very good friends, mind! haha I know what you mean by the looking nerdy. Apart from my clothes, I don’t feel like I look all the ‘nerdy’ and I’m not socially awkward like many people. I guess we’re proof that stereotypes can be broken! 😉

        • Haha for me people are more like “WHO are you?” but I kind of like being able to blow people’s minds with the things that I say because they view me in a certain way, first impressions wise! In high school I was a closet nerd, so I probably would have been jealous from afar, since I think if I mentioned anything revolving around Star Wars, Star Trek, etc it would just generate tons of weird looks and awkward silences.

    • I’ve never been a closet nerd. It literally is my entire life so I couldn’t NOT express it. Every art project in elementary school involved the Superman sign – even Christmas (I drew a string of Superman sign lights) LOL

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