When Inspiration Strikes

If you read my post Somebody Call An Ambulance, you’ll know all the details of what I’m talking about when I say that I was struck by inspiration to drop my current writing projects for the next month or so and start something new. Thanks to Cindy D for the suggestion to set a date when I will return to my previous projects so that they will not be forgotten. Because of her advice, I have marked February 18th on my calendar with the words: ‘Return to writing Black Ice’. However, February 18th is a month away and I have something new and exciting to work on in this time. Here’s just a little snippet of what I wrote that got me so excited and made me want to focus all of my writing efforts (at least for the next month) on this ‘new’ novel (I say ‘new’ because it’s really a re-imagining of a previous novel I wrote):

The moon hung low in the midnight sky, sending its murky rays cascading toward the darkened town below. The sift light barely reached the rooftops that were nestled together, before it was swallowed up by the shadows of the streets. The torches that were set at every second or third corner did little to help the moon’s cause, but that did not matter. For the most part the was asleep, covered and warmed by the blanket of stats overhead. For the most part.

It is said that people can be just like animals – but not all animals sleep at night. Just as nature is split between day and nocturnal life so, too, are these streets. The shadows that fill them are not as undisturbed as they look, for moving in the dim streets, under the shroud of night, was a vigilant figure.

Her eyes were dark in the mysterious and thick shadows, but they were still perceptive and on alert. Her entire body moved with a fluid grace as she tore through the darkness down the dark alley. Clad in a tight, black suit with a shrouded hood that concealed her face, the woman was nearly a shadow herself. The tall, mud-stained boots she wore made only the softest of sounds as she ripped across the ground, running fast and running hard.

A quick glance behind told her that her pursuers were still following and keeping pace with her. She would need to lose them if she was going to make it out of town. It had been an exhausting day and the woman knew she would not be able to keep her pace for long. She needed to go somewhere that they could not follow so easily. When the idea finally came to her, she was reading to hit herself for not realizing such an obvious answer sooner – the roofs.

So, what did you think?

I know it’s short, but that’s all I’m ready to share. This story is like my baby. I wrote the first draft for 2007 NaNoWriMo and by the time I finished it in January of 2008 it was just shy of 150,000 words. Since then, I have written two more drafts of the novel and thought I had a final product in 2010. However, I decided there were ways that I could improve upon this story so I took it upon myself to start re-editing in October of last year. I had originally intended this re-imagined version to be my 2012 NaNo novel, but I didn’t like where things were going with it when I started re-writing (which is why I switched novels four days into NaNoWriMo – you remember that, don’t you?).

When I took up the task of writing a final draft of this novel, my plan was to have it written and edited by the end of 2012 so that I could send it away to publishers for consideration. When that fell through, I lost interest in the project and that’s where Black Ice comes in. However, just last week I got the urge to get back into this novel, and it’s been great. I’ve already planned all the things I’m going to change and all of the things that I’m going to keep from my third draft. Hopefully, draft four will be a final and I can have this baby edited and ready to send away by summer. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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2 thoughts on “When Inspiration Strikes

  1. I am intrigued! That’s great that the inspiration bug has bitten you. Go with it! 😀

    • Well thanks! I always go with it when inspiration comes calling. My other projects hate when it happens, but you can’t please everyone, right?

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