The Collector – Part 4: Spending Money On…Money?

That’s right! I collect coins! Between all my other nerdy collections, which you can find in Parts 1-3 of this series, I think I collect it all. Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly get any more nerdy.

For as long as I can remember I have loved collecting coins. I used to collect only what I called ‘special coins’, or rather, the coins that don’t bear the usual obverse. In Canada that would be the maple leaf, the beaver, etc. In America that would be the eagle, the torch, etc. Sorry to anyone from any other countries but, being from Canada, my coin collecting is mostly of Canadian coins – and some American coins.

A year or two ago, once I finally collected EVERY special coin that was produced in Canada since the Royal Canadian Mint has existed (which is the same as saying since there have been Canadian coins), I thought what could I do? Just through finding coins in my change – it helped working at Taco Time for four years – I found every special toonie, loonie, quarter, dime, nickel and penny they had. Most of the American ones, too. I actually have an American quarter for each of the 50 states and 6 territories, and I’m trying to collect the newest “America The Beautiful” series.


That’s when I turned to silver dollars – but these I had to actually go out to coin shows and buy them. I really liked it…until I found all of those, as well. I went to my dad one day and we had this exchange:

Me: “Well, I’ve got every special coin ever made in Canada.”

Dad: “Really? Wow…that’s a lot of money there.”

Me: “I know. Now that I have them all, what now?”

Dad: “Do you have one for every year?”

Me: “Every year? What a brilliant idea.”

So my journey began to find a coin for every year. I succeeded with toonies and loonies (as they have only been in mintage since 1996 and 1987 respectively).


I have a dime for every year since 1970, and some odd years before.


I’m only missing about 30 nickels between 1922 and present.


I have a penny for every year since 1947, and quite a bit before that. My oldest coin is actually a Canadian penny from 1882.


I have quarters (which are my favourite to collect because there are so many special ones) from every year since 1967. My 1967 quarter is actually a silver coin with a bobcat on it (replacing the usual caribou) and was produced in commemoration of Canada’s centennial.

IMG_1411My favourite coin is a quarter from 2010, celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the end of World War II.

IMG_1412I’ve also got different coins that I’ve purchased directly from the mint, meant as collectors’ pieces. I won’t bore you with specific details about coin size, weight, metal content, artist and such (all of the stuff that fascinates me). Instead, I’ll jsut show you some pictures of my collection, including various greeting and holiday cards:

IMG_1398A set of lenticular, holographic dinosaur coins (which are WAY cool):

IMG_1406IMG_1400IMG_1399And here are some of my more fancier coins, which I love so much:

IMG_1396IMG_1397IMG_1395IMG_1394My pure silver Highway Of Heroes coin:

IMG_1393My pure silver 25th Anniversary of the Loonie coin:

IMG_1391My pure silver with pink-cold highlighting Farewell To The Penny (as Canada is set to stop minting its one cent coin):

IMG_1390And, another favourite, my 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812, depicting the HMS Shannon with a gold highlight:

IMG_1389Aren’t these all so cool? Just another side of my nerdiness that is really quite vast. Sometimes, in regards to my coins, I feel like an old man, but I don’t care. My Grandpa used to love to collect coins, so I think of him a lot when I think of coins. A lot of people tell me its a waste of money to buy coins…but I don’t care, either. I just say why is it a waste of money? Someone told me once that they would rather buy jewelry…so I decided to inform her that I can buy 17 grams of pure silver for $50, when a pure silver set of earrings (that most likely weighs a lot less than the 17 gram coin) would sell for no less than double or triple that price. Economically speaking, that’s a pretty damn good deal.

Thanks for reading!

Does anyone else collect coins?

Till Next,



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11 thoughts on “The Collector – Part 4: Spending Money On…Money?

  1. Hey, those are really beautiful. I have a couple of coins that I started to collect a few years ago. Ummm, gee, I’ll have to go and take a photo to send to you 😉

  2. My hubby is obsessed with rare gold coins and I think it’s quiet cool. Nice collections!

    • Thanks! That’s really cool about your husband. Maybe you could snap some photos and share? Gold coins are like the epitome of beauty (in coin-land) and I want to get some, but they are just out of my price range at the moment. When I’m rich and famous, I’ll buy all of the gold coins that I want… That’s a big IF. Thanks for commenting.

      • You’re welcome, will do and try to upload it… That is if he allowed my hands on it!!

        • I can relate. I don’t like anyone touching my coins…they are too precious. I rarely let anyone even touch a $10 book…but that has less to do with the value of the object and more to do with my own OCD.

  3. You’re such a dork!! Actually I’ve been known to collect a coin or two. I haven’t spent a whole lot of money but It’s fun digging through change. I’ve also been known to go to the bank and get fifty or sixty dollars worth of rolled quarters. It’s fun checking each one out. It’s kind of like hunting only without the shooting, blood, and mud. 🙂

    • I know I’m a dork…it’s just something that I’ve come to realize and have to live with. I agree with everything you said. I still dig through the cash drawer at Taco Time. When I do cash out at the end of the night I usually look through all the coins. I don’t really care if it takes me a little longer. Sometimes I bring a little piece of paper with all the years I still need of the various coins…now I just went from dork to mega dork.

  4. William

    awesome collection!! i just started collecting coins myself. i started out of an interest in buying physical gold and silver. so far i have less than 20 coins from the Canadian Mint, and mostly silver, but i hope someday i can have a collection as impressive as yours!!

    • That’s awesome. I love collecting. It’s kind of what I do and where my money goes. The Canadian Mint has got to be the best in the world. The diversity of coins is amazing. When I was a kid I started collecting all of the unique circulation coins, and it’s expanded from there. I really love silver coins and the craftsmanship and beauty of silver coins from the mint is stunning. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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