The Bookends Of My Life Part 5 – My 2013 Reading Goals

Before I get this post started, I’d like to point out an exciting milestone. I’ve just reached 200 WordPress followers. Isn’t that exciting?

200I think it’s pretty exciting. Anyways, as this title suggests I’d like to take some time to share with you my reading goals for this new year. I’m writing this post especially for book lovers (which I feel YOU ALL should be) but if you’re not, I have no prejudice against you. Well, I should rephrase that. I have a little prejudice, but not a lot.

Anyways, because I love to re-read books I’ve read (and there is the possibility that I am just batcrap crazy) I’m reading Lord of the Rings…again…for the sixth time now. I haven’t read it in, oh gosh, four to five years and it is my favourite novel of all time. This all came about for two reasons. I had a Lord of the Rings marathon with my brother and our parents, just after Christmas, and I went to go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Naturally, I read The Hobbit already in December, and am now onto Lord of the Rings. I’m reading my REALLY nice, far too expensive copy, though.

002I’m currently on page 270 of 1031. Not bad, considering these are very large pages with incredibly small printing. So, to begin the year, I’d like to complete Lord of the Rings. What do I plan on reading after that? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I have about 130 Star Wars books, of which I am ashamed to say I have not read them all. On top of this, a lot of the ones that I have read, I read probably ten years ago or more. I feel like I could appreciate them so much more now than when I was a kid, so I have a goal to re-read ALL of the Star Wars novels written. I have all but 20 novels in total, and so my goal is quite simple. Read the novels chronologically and any time I get to one I do not own, I will just have to go out and buy it. This could take awhile…but, I have a head start. Last fall I mad this my prerogative, and quickly burned through about eight novels in as many days. I got sidetracked reading the five novels of The Belgariad by David Eddings (for the second time) but I plan to pick up Star Wars right where I left off.

This is a good segue into my next item on the list, which includes more novels by David Eddings, including five-part sequel series to The Belgariad, of which I’ve only read the first book. Some fan I am. I think that this is all a lot on my plate…for now…and it’s only a matter of time before I get sidetracked reading something else that doesn’t appear on my ‘To Read’ list anywhere. This is life.

I have to say I’m enjoying Lord of the Rings more than I ever have (which is saying A LOT). I’ve seen the movies countless times – extended versions, not the measly three hour versions – and they are done so magnificently that it just adds to the picture in my head when I’m reading. If you haven’t read Lord of the Rings and find yourself with a considerable amount of time (and a little patience for the first half-dozen chapters or so), I highly recommend reading this icon of Epic Fantasy. It’s funny how when you read Lord of the Rings you start to notice that there are all of these different fantasy writers out there that have been heavily influenced by Tolkien – in some cases, to the point of practically copying (but I won’t mention the name of any particular novels, for that would just be unfair to the writer of that on series about a teenage wizard named Harry).

What are your reading goals for 2013? Apart from my blog, that is. 😉

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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8 thoughts on “The Bookends Of My Life Part 5 – My 2013 Reading Goals

  1. Sorry that I basically just creeped your entire website, but I’m pretty sure we’re destined to be friends based on mutual interests… Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, The Great Gatsby, and NaNoWriMo just to name a few. This might just be writer-fueled insomnia, but I’m Lily, by the way….

    • I love writer-fueled insomnia…and making new friends. I’m Will (as you have already known if you ACTUALLY creeped my site). About that creeping business, don’t worry. I’ve done it before…and I may do it again now on your own site! It’s great to connect with other people across the globe trough the internet, and it makes it less awkward because you’re not just thrown at each other…there is some common ground. And about that common ground…you’re a writer, eh?

      • Haha, indeed, I did do enough creeping to gather your name. I’m glad you’re okay with that, because we probably couldn’t be friends if you weren’t. But yes, I’m a writer! I’m working on finishing my NaNoWriMo from last November and procrastinating by finding other people on twitter and wordpress, and pretending like I don’t have to go back to school in a week. What are you working on?

        • It doesn’t take much creeping to find my name….but can you find where I live? hahaha Just kidding. That’s cool to meet another fellow NaNoWriMoer. What’s you’re NaNo id? Let’s be friends. =) Yeah…I had to go back to school on the 3rd. Ugh….shoot me now. Are you in University? Or still in High School? As for what I’m working on…my main focus right now is on my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel, called “Black Ice” (of which I’ve posted some chapters on my blog). I also want to really work on my 2007 NaNo novel. My first draft ended up with just shy of 150,000 words (pretty massive, I know…and painful to edit). I worked through a second draft and would like to complete a third and, perhaps, final draft. We’ll see. What genre do you like to write usually?

  2. Haha, clearly you didn’t do enough creeping on me or you’d know the answers to those questions! Just kidding. I’m a university student, how about you? And my NaNo ID is just the same as my name: LilyParadis. Add me! That’s so cool that you’ve been doing NaNo for such a long time… I’ve only been doing it for a few years because it took me a while to actually be able to stay with a story, I have tons of scattered plots here and there of old works that I have no idea where I was going with them. And I’ll have to check out Black Ice! I think it’s really cool when people post their work on blogs, I haven’t quite worked up the bravery for that yet! Also, 150,000 words IS massive! That’s incredible! Will you keep that all as one book or split it?

    As for genres…. I think something I need to work on as a writer is keeping myself loyal to one genre one book. For instance, my latest NaNo started out as a dystopian science fiction sort of thing, then went historical, and then went back to something more dystopian. Personally, I like the way I did it, but I’m not sure how other people will respond, (especially people who aren’t as familiar with literary techniques) you know? What about you?

    • Yeah I’m my second year of university. Well I’ve been writing forever! When I was in Grade 8 my mom heard about it because some people from her work were doing it, so she came home and told me. I signed up instantly and waited for November to arrive. I’ve done it every year since (7 times) and it’s a blast each time. I look forward to November every year. 2006 was the year and if I remember correctly there were only like 140,000 participants and 20,000 winners or something. 2012 was double the participants, so it’s really neat to see it grow and expand.
      As for that 150k novel I broke it down a little bit and decided to change a bunch of stuff around and make it into two. However, I don’t want it to be a ‘To Be Continued’ so I’ve had to change the story a bit. It needed it, though, because I wrote it when I was 14…and let’s just say that I’ve improved over the last six years!
      I write mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy, naturally, but I do dabble in Mainstream Fiction and YA Fiction. I like reading Historical Fiction, but I’ve never tried writing it before. If you like your novel, who cares what others will say? That’s kind of my life view. I think that writers should write to please others, but if they are not writing to please themselves then they might as well not write at all.

  3. That’s really cool that you’ve done it for so many years, I don’t even think I heard about it until well into high school. I definitely know what you mean about seeing how you’ve improved when you go back and edit. Some of the things I look at from when I was younger are actually really good and I surprise myself in a good way, but then others it’s just like… nope. Going to edit that now.

    That’s a good view to have, but it’s still hard for me to let go of the whole needing others to approve of my work thing. I think it’s getting increasingly more difficult because I’m getting closer to graduation, and closer to trying to figure out if I can indeed do this for a living or not, you know? Just writing, nothing else. Which sounds horrible in some ways, but I’ve never written something that I’m not passionate about, so I don’t think it’s quite as bad as if I were simply putting words down on paper for an income, you know?

    • I used to care a lot more…but I don’t get too worked up about it at all anymore. I don’t know what happened…I just figured out I was happier if I wrote what I enjoyed and didn’t think too much what the reader thinks. I still look for feedback when I can get it, and greatly appreciate when people tell me how or why they liked or didn’t like my writing, but I don’t get hung up on little details and I don’t listen when people tell me I should drop a genre and write something else that will appeal to more people. Does that make sense? haha

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