Black Ice – Chapter 5

If you’re reading this, you didn’t die in the apocalypse. I bet that makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Seeing as there is lots of December 21st left (where I live in central Canada), I thought it was better if I posted this fairly early so that you all had a chance to read it before you bit the bullet. Cheers.

Chapter 5

Kora watched the newcomer dig his cold gun harder against the base of Brill’s skull and she could see that her friend feared for her life. Kora made no sign of movement, appearing to have been gone unnoticed and wanting to keep it that way until she was ready to attempt an intervention.

Sitting with baited breath, Kora observed Brill like a lab specimen. She was waiting to see if Brill would oblige with the third mercenary’s command – to drop her weapon. After a long moment of silence, Brill did as she was told. While all eyes were on the gun falling to the ground, Kora made her move.

Perhaps the intruders had paid no attention to her because they didn’t think she was a threat. Obviously, Kora’s efforts to remain in the background of the confrontation, at least until she wanted to attack, were successful. This meant that, now, she had the element of surprise.

From a sitting down position at the table, Kora managed to jump up and twist around in the air, while at the same time throwing the glass cup she was holding at the Netillion. The cup shattered against his blue face, giving Sin the chance to snatch the knife from his hand and gain the advantage.

When Kora landed, close to Brill, her foot went slicing through the air, kicking away the pistol that was threatening her friend. The whole attack took only a few seconds, and by the time it was finished, Kora held a pistol she managed to snatch up off the floor in her intimidating display of a warrior’s finesse. Brill was quick to grab the pistol she had just dropped, pinning the intruder who snuck in through the back door against the wall. She held a pistol to his angry face.

The tables had turned for Sin as well, as he was now holding the knife against the Netillion’s thick neck. The Netillion’s face was also covered in anger, but Sin’s was filled with shock. He could barely believe what he had just seen. What he had just witnessed reminded him of something supernatural or extraordinary, the likes of which a person only sees in films. He tried to get over the shock and focus on what was happening now.

The Horin had removed his own pistol from its holster, but Kora’s aim was already on him. He thought that he would be quick, so he fired off two shots. Kora was quicker, though, and saw his muscles tense right before he fired. Her reflexes were quick enough to allow her to pull the trigger first. A bullet of blue light flashed across the room, striking the Horin in the chest. As he was falling, his two shots found their way to the ceiling.

“It’s time for you to leave, now.” Her voice thundered throughout the room, filled with the rage of intense lightning. It was powerful, succinct and left no room for arguments. She glanced around and noticed that the two men standing looked like they would follow that order, but then her hunting senses told her something was wrong.

Through the corner of her eye, Kora saw him jump up. Her first victim had actually been sporting a powerful set of body armour. It was Kora’s mistake to have assumed he was dead. She turned and fired, but was too late. Although her laser shot hit the Horin in the face this time, clearly a killing shot, he was able to activate a small bomb and throw it across the room, right where Brill and Kora were. The bomb, much like a grenade – only incredibly more deadly – scuttled across the floor and came to a halt in front of the two women – right around the time that Kora heard the Horin’s body drop to the floor.

Taking one quick breath and knowing that there was no time to waste, Kora fired off two more shots, her pistol moving impossibly fast. “Let’s get out of here!” With a power and grace of a wild, savage feline, she jumped over a table in one leap and called out to Sin. “Drag the Netillion outside!” Kora lunged over a second table, powerful legs springing her closer to the exit, as Brill followed, weaving in between the tables and chairs, not far behind Kor.

Sin was wondering if he had heard Kora right, but decided that he better just do what he thought she said. He bent down and pulled the heavy Netillion up so only his legs were on the ground. Dragging him across the floor, Sin tried to move as fast as he could. The door was nearing, but Kora and Brill were already awaiting him in its framed passageway to the cool darkness of early morning. “Get outside Brill,” Kora commanded as she ran to help Sin. Grabbing a chunk of his body, she started pulling with all of her strength.

They didn’t make it out the door before the bomb exploded. Sin felt a burst of heat against his face and cried out. He was thrown forward, as if the invisible boot of a giant had used him as a ball. The pain that seared across his scorched body was so much that, when he fell over, he found it hard to breathe.

He heard the distant sound of coughing and lungs struggling for air, as his own throat itched from the thick smoke being released from Black Ice’s door. His eyes started to roll back into his head and he could feel himself slipping away. In a final attempt to flee, Sin tried to push himself off the ground. He only managed to snap his head forward, jolting him awake for just a brief moment – long enough for him to tremendous orange and red flames. There was another blast as something within the bar exploded, and the shockwave knocked Sin down onto his back. His had jerked backwards with equal force, slamming hard into the rough ground.

After that, everything went black.

Not The End

If you’ve missed any of Black Ice, you can find all of the chapters here: Black Ice.

Thanks for reading!

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