‘Christmas Time’ or ‘Where Did My House Go?’

First things first, I’d like to start this post on a very serious note about the Christmas season. Christmas is a time for joy, peace, thanksgiving and praise. It is a time to come together and celebrate the birth of someone very special. Perhaps you know who I’m talking about?

You guessed it. Today is my birthday! 🙂 I am excited to say that I am no longer a teenager, having just turned 20. My favourite part about being born six days before Christmas is getting presents on my birthday and then, less than a week later, getting even more presents on Christmas and having to spend my holidays enjoying twice as many presents as the rest of my family!

In all seriousness, though, Christmas really is a time for family. I love everything about Christmas, religious and secular, and I love decorating our house with all the great Christmas decorations we’ve accumulated over the years. Most of this stuff was given to my Mom as birthday and Christmas gifts because she is a Christmas fanatic. When each of us four children and my dad give her a little house for the little Christmas village, or a box of tree ornaments, or a little snowman candle, or just whatever for her birthday (December 11th) and then again for Christmas, it doesn’t take long for all of that to start adding up. That’s like ten new ornaments a year. Not to mention that when my mom’s parents passed away four years ago, none of her siblings wanted the Christmas decorations, so my mom inherited ALL OF IT, and my Grandparents had A LOT of Christmas stuff. I always loved Christmas because my family is so fortunate enough to have lots of Christmas stuff.

Growing up, we never had a lot of money so we never had a lot of stuff. Christmas, then, was so special for us because we did have a lot of Christmas stuff. The last few years, though, we’ve slowed down on our Christmas decoration presents to our mother because we all are starting to realize that there is just TOO MUCH. I can’t begin to describe it, so I will just show you.

This is a garland right by the front entrance of my home.

This is a garland by the front entrance of my home.

Maybe about ten years ago, my grandparents gave my parents a Christmas village set of six houses, some trees and a few people. Fast forward ten years, adding one or two houses a year in gifts to my Mom and this is what you end up with. The shelves underneath are all filled with Christmas decorations.

IMG_1322Onlooking our humble dining room turned Christmas extravaganza.


Here is a homemade counting calendar that my mom sewed and cross-stitched many years ago:


What’s Christmas without Charlie Brown? We bought the book for my mom a few years ago for Christmas, and my parents bought the tree last year.

IMG_1329Despite all of this glamour and ostentatious display, cannot forget the true meaning of Christmas. Here is one of my favourite ornaments, because of how it manages to look so regal:

IMG_1324And, of course, our beautiful Nativity which my parents have had for as long as they’ve been married, and that’s older than me:

IMG_1326Finally, here is my favourite part of Christmas decorating – our Christmas Tree:

IMG_1334IMG_1336I apologize that some of the photographs are not that clean or sharp…I’m only using my iPhone, and I’m not very good to begin with. Here is my failed attempt to capture everything in one shot:

IMG_1333It is a lot of work putting up all of these decorations, but I think the finished product is well worth it. Besides, decorating for Christmas is really an excuse for my family to hang out, dance around to Christmas music and eat chocolates.

Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Till Next,



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8 thoughts on “‘Christmas Time’ or ‘Where Did My House Go?’

  1. Happy Birthday Will – “Chocs Away!” – give ’em hell son and tell them Dave sent you – have a good one!

  2. jeremiahandrews

    Happy Birthday Will. Merry Christmas.

  3. Happy birthday Will! Today is my brothers birthday as well.

    • While that’s nice and lovely, we’re here to talk about my birthday, not your brother’s! lol Just kidding!!! Happy Birthday to your brother!! 🙂 Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you!

  4. Happy Twentieth B-day! Let adulthood officially begin…

  5. Thanks! Oh dear…this could be a little messy… 😉

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