The Collector Part 3 – Where No Nerd Has Gone Before

Hmm… I wonder what this post will be about?

If you don’t recognize where that tagline comes from I have to ask you a question: Have you been living under a rock for the past 46 years or so? Yes, that’s how long we have had the privilege to be graced by the awesomeness and inspiration that is Star Trek, my favourite television show of all time, some of my favourite movies or all time, some of my favourite books of all time, some of my favourite comic books of all time…I think you get the picture.

I grew up watching Star Trek, as both of my parents were incredibly passionate Trekkies. They are not so much anymore, but they did pass the torch onto me. Much of what I have that is Star Trek was passed down to me from my parents. It is stuff they had collected since before they even met each other. When they first got married they used to collect Star Trek books but by the time I came along – fourth child – they just couldn’t afford it anymore. This is why 90% of my Star Trek stuff comes from the ’80s and earlier, and I love it all.

I own on DVD all three seasons of The Original Series, all seven seasons of The Next Generation, all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine, all seven seasons of Voyager and all ten original Star Trek movies, along with the new one. Want to see for yourself?


If there are any hardcore Trekkies out there, you may be asking yourself: “What about Enterprise?”. Well, in my house, we don’t talk about Star Trek: Enterprise as it is one of the worst television shows I have ever seen, and I don’t even care if it survived four seasons. It was just really bad.

I received all ten Star Trek films on DVD one year for Christmas. My parents told me that they found them ridiculously cheap and they couldn’t believe it because these are all two disc special editions. Must have been releasing the Blu-Rays or something. The 24 seasons of the four TV shows, though, I bought for myself. When I was, oh gosh, 10-11 I got a paper route which I kept for three years. I made $100 a month and I felt so rich getting that cheque each month. I wasn’t content to let it sit in my bank, though. I had a mission to buy all the seasons of Trek. At the time they cost about $70 each (ridiculously expensive, I agree, but they can get away with it because it’s Star Trek and die-hard fans like me will buy them because I’m tired of watching VHS tapes that my Dad used to record the shows on). Every month when I got paid I made a trip to Future Shop and bought one of these seasons. I did that EVERY month until I had them all, and it’s possibly the best money I’ve ever spent as I still re-watch these DVDs all the time.

Many of you may recall my bookshelf from this post: What’s On Your Bookshelf?

If you remember, I said that I have 350 Star Trek novels (some given to me by my parents, some I bought and some I got when they were withdrawn from circulation at the Public Library, where Mom works). What exactly does 350 books look like on a shelf? Look how kind I am to have taken these photos to share with you:

IMG_1295Apart from the shelf at the top left (with all the video games) and the shelf on the bottom right (those are my Dune books) the other six shelves in this photo carry Star Trek novels.

Well, that does look like a LOT but that can’t be 350, can it? No, it can’t. That’s only half of them. Here’s the rest:

IMG_1296To answer the question that is probably on all of your lips, no I have not read them all…yet. I intend to, though. I read about an hour every night before I go to bed so it shouldn’t take me TOO LONG to get through them all.

I also have many other sweet things including actual blue prints of many of the ships from Star Trek, star charts, guides to alien races, encyclopedias, old magazines, Star Fleet Technical and Medical Manuals, pop up books, trading cards, episode guides, comic books, biographies, visual guides, posters, action figures and more. Here are just some of my favourites:

IMG_1297 IMG_1298 IMG_1299 IMG_1301 IMG_1302IMG_1305IMG_1300My collection sadly does not yet include a communicator, a phaser or a uniform, but it will someday. I thought I’d leave you now with the prize of my collection. This is a comic I acquired about two years ago and it is the favourite comic book that I own. The reason is that this is the very first Star Trek comic book EVER, printed way back in 1967. My father was barely a year old when this came out. I think it’s awesome. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have a copy in better condition but hey, I’ll take it.


Anyone else out there a Trekkie?

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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14 thoughts on “The Collector Part 3 – Where No Nerd Has Gone Before

  1. “If there are any hardcore Trekkies out there, you may be asking yourself: “What about Enterprise?”. Well, in my house, we don’t talk about Star Trek: Enterprise as it is one of the worst television shows I have ever seen, and I don’t even care if it survived four seasons. It was just really bad.”

    You have just become my favorite person. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one that pretends that Enterprise does not exist.

    • Haha that’s awesome! When I was first watching it I was maybe 14 or so…I forget, but I watched the first season and hated it. I might have made it all the way to season 3, but there was one episode where the Vulcan ( I forget her name and don’t care to remember) had some human break down and it was SO CHEASY that I shut off the TV, went upstairs and actually HELPED my mother do dishes. That’s how bad Enterprise was. I did watch the last episode just to see Troy and Riker, but it was barely worth that hahaha thanks for reading and for the comment! 🙂

  2. I can say I like Star Trek. I’ve seen all the TV shows and all the movies but that’s it. I own absolutely no memorabilia, other than my memories. 🙂 Nice collection.

    • Memories are good. The best. I’ve been very fortunate, though, to receive much of my stuff as presents, or have it passed down from my parents, or gotten free from the Library when the books are withdrawn. It always amazes me how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. We never had a lot of money growing up, but all of my birthday/Christmas presents have always been stuff like this and then what I didn’t get for free I worked for. I worked throughout all of High School at Taco Time, managed to make a decent amount of money for a teenager. I bought a real nice car (well I’ve still got one year of payments left), splurged on an iPhone last year and I’m even paying my university tuition. Whatever money I have left after these things – right back to when I was in High School and even before that with my paper route – I’ve sunk into stuff like this. I’ve been told I’m just wasting my money, but I figure I’ve worked hard to pay for the important things that my parents can’t afford to pay for that I deserve to splurge a little. A little turns out to be a lot, but hey, it’s better than spending it on drugs or something. 😉 I just realized this was an exceptionally long comment. This is why mother says I never shut up. It’s just not possible.

      • I’ve always thought if you pay your bills then spend money on what you like it’s never a waste. I think you’ve got a great collection and I’m sure it will get even better. 😀

        • Oh, I plan on growing it a lot more. I could potentially live another 70-80 years. Can you imagine what my collection will look like then? 😉

  3. I guess I am in the minority, but I really liked Enterprise…

    • I’d kick you off my blog, but that’s not really possible, so we’ll just have to forgive and forget! 😉 I don’t like it but I really don’t care if the next person does or doesn’t. Everyone has their own opinions and if you loved Enterprise, just ignore fools like me who trash talk it and keep on watching! I’m not the type to start personally insulting you because you like something I don’t. lol I’ve got more self-esteem than that! 😉 As long you admit TNG is the best! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  4. I’m not a Trekkie but my dad was. As kids, I remember him sticking me and my brothers in front of the television screen to watch it. I thought it was the coolest t.v show and was intrigued for the most part. Now when I see re-runs on t.v, it gives me that nice warm feeling of being a kid again. You have a lot of stuff here. Watch out for any ruthless Trekkies out there. Better keep your collection a secret. They might want what you have haha nice post 🙂

    • There’s not too many fans my age anymore…most are older, and the hardcore ones are my parents ago. However, with the relaunch movies I think Star Trek may have gained some new fans. I’m hoping a lot because Star Trek seems to have been dying out the last decade or so. Funny how something like Star Wars is more popular today than it was thirty years ago, but Star Trek is losing a lot of its interest. I hope these relaunch movies really help to turn it around. As for my collection, no one knows my exact address so I should be safe. It would a sin if someone stole my stuff…. :S most of it is older than me! hahaha Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Awesome you have so many books!! 😀 haha couldn’t resist though, “Have you been living under a rock for the past 46 years or so?” yes I didn’t recognise the tagline and have probably been pretty close ‘living under a rock’ all my life. lol so that made me smile 😀

    • Well whenever you hear “Where no man has gone before”, that came from Star Trek. I assume that most people have heard this as it has been popularized greatly over the years. Whether or not they knew it was from Star Trek is another matter…haha I guess we can still be friends even if you didn’t know. It’s not like Star Trek is the end-all/be-all of everything (but it is pretty close). I can’t even make fun of you for not knowing because I’m the nerd so everyone will just make fun of me! lol 😉 Thanks for being such a great follower! It’s gotten to the point now where you’re one of the few bloggers I can rely on to ‘like’ every post of mine and sometimes I’m waiting until you do! It’s great to have readers like you, especially since you comment frequently, too. Not only does it keep me on my toes, but it helps motivate me to keep blogging! So please keep reading, keep smiling and for God’s sake, get out from under that rock! 😉

  6. barbmca

    You would get on well with my son-in-laws they are star trek jumkies. Have fun

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