Mirror (A Poem)

Today I just have a short poem to share with you. I wrote it a few weeks ago was very close to forgetting it existed because I thought it was so bad. Here I am though, a few weeks later, starting to re-think my earlier opinion on this poem. I hope I’m wrong and it’s not complete garbage, otherwise I’ll just have wasted your time. What the hell, though. Not like you had anything better to do.



When I look into a mirror

Sometimes nothing is all I see

But if all I see is nothing

Who, then, can see me?

For the world is like a mirror

Reflecting my most inner thoughts

When I try to make things clearer

All my efforts become lost

When I look into that mirror

Because I have long since abandoned mine

All I can see is nothing

So nothing is all I will find

Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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8 thoughts on “Mirror (A Poem)

  1. I think it is excellent. But when I see you, I don’t see nothing. I see a rich and multifaceted soul.

    • Well that is, quite possibly, the nicest comment I’ve received on my blog! =D

    • Well I’m mean and self-centered, too. So I take back my original comment and replace it with this: “Of course you see a rich and multifaceted soul. I am like the KING of rich souls and the gold-standard on multifaceted-ness! Next time you’re going to comment, try not to state the obvious. In fact, don’t comment at all. I don’t want your pathetic blog being showcased and advertised for in my comments. Talk to me when you’ve had 4,500 hundred page views.” Oh wait…there’s only a limit to how much I can pretend my barely newborn blog is more successful than your fully energized child. I hope to have even a fraction of your success when I reach six months!

    • There’s a good sport.

  2. I liked this. I think it speaks to the heart of so many who are still finding their way and sometimes can feel lost and empty. Of course that’s just my take on it, but I really like this one.

    • That was sort of how I was going with it. People struggling with who they are and suffering from being severely self conscious. All that…happy, joyful stuff! 😉 Thank you for reading and commenting! I’m glad you liked it!

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