Late Night Poem (You Go Ahead And Try To Tell Me What It Means)

Have you ever written a poem late at night, or extremely early in the morning, and then when you wake up you wonder what you were trying to say? Well I have! Many times. In fact, I think I’ll share one of those with you right now.


Forever is just a moment

That never really ends

While eternal is like a lifetime

That never gets too spent


For in this moment of

Forgotten reverence

Is held the key of eternity

And the breaking of all sense

Forever cannot exist

If eternal cannot be

But forever is only forever

Outside of eternity


There is some sense in all of this

It will just take some time you see

But know that time is subject to

The laws of reality


And although they can be broken

They can never really be changed

So don’t waste your time on forever

When there is eternity to gain


And if forever is eternal

Then someone has told you lies

For forever is forever

But eternal never dies


Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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6 thoughts on “Late Night Poem (You Go Ahead And Try To Tell Me What It Means)

  1. I’m sorry, are you saying my poem makes no sense or something? I’m a bit confused. Either way, I think your poem sounds lovely.

  2. Thanks for linking to my poem. All publicity is good publicity. I like the poem. It is insiteful. Everyone has their own times and reasons for writing. For me I write when I am in pain. I think that my pain bores some people, but that is when I write. Im glad to have this link back so I can come and read more of your work. Best of luck.

    • Well thank you so much! I write poetry when I get the inspiration to…whenever that may hit! It works for me and I’d rather not sit and force myself to write poetry if I don’t really want to. Many times I also find myself writing poetry when I’m in pain. I don’t mind poems like that. I’m definitely now more interested to check our more if your poems! As soon as I get home from work, that is lol thanks for commenting.

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