There’s A Moral To Every Story

There’s a moral to every story, which is why I hate this one.

Today’s original post had to be postponed because of unforeseeable events that plagued my day (mostly in the evening). Here is why.

Much like the omelet I made this morning, today started out really great.

IMG_1242 IMG_1243

Very quickly, however, my day was turned into something much like this:


When I saw how my omelet turned out, I should’ve seen the message it was trying to send me. From now on I will never eat breakfast again without first looking for an omen in my food. This stuff happens, you know. Someone, or something, wanted to warn me of a bad day so they messed with my omelet. Damn them. They could’ve screwed up anything else. Did it really have to be my food?

I had originally planned to wake up, study all day, write my post around suppertime, and then get back to studying. Like most days, this plain failed to see completion.

I had completely forgotten, though, that earlier this week I had discovered that my car battery was dead! Last night my dad was kind enough to surprise me with a new one. I had the fullest of intentions to find some way to the store to get one myself, but he was nice enough to go for me. Then he told me not to worry about paying him back because he knows I need to save my money for other things (like the shocks in my car, the break pads on my car and an always expensive trip to the eye doctor’s). That was real awesome of him.

I wasn’t going to worry about changing my battery until after my final exam tomorrow, but this morning two frightening scenarios played through my near frazzled brain: 1) waking up late and missing my bus but having no way to drive myself to school and 2) waking up and getting to the bus stop on time only to have it not show up and then have no way to get to school. Needless to say, I had to spend about twenty minuted on that today, freezing my toes in the cold. My car started fine and so far it’s doing good.

Well that didn’t take too much time. After I studied all morning and early afternoon, I decided I could use a break. I figured I could afford to spend an hour or two helping my mom set up some Christmas ornaments – of which we have TONS. Naturally, my plan was to study after supper. The moment I finished eating and said, “I’m going to get back to studying now,” our alarm system starting beeping frantically.

Now, my dad installs security systems so we have one in our house, with many of the bells and whistles. One of the things we have that is not as common with security systems is a water censor on the laundry room floor. That was what went off. My dad and I hurried downstairs to find about 1 cm of water covering the entire laundry room floor. After we started cleaning it up, my dad did some ‘investigating’ and came to the conclusion that our sewer drain was backing up. Thankfully whatever was clogging it was far down the drain and all the water that had backed up out of the drain had come from the washing machine (which had just finished draining its contents). I could handle water from the washer that came up the drain. If it had been poopy sewage, I might have had some reservations about helping with the clean up.

Anyway, cleaning up took nearly two hours and the water actually started leaking into the storage room. We had to move a bunch of stuff out of there for one of two to reasons: to either save it from getting wet or clearing it away from the other access to the pipelines which is inconveniently located in the storage room. Our basement was already getting crowded from a couple tables and lamps from the front room as we have to remove them when we start re-arranging things to fit all of our Christmas decorations. Now, with all the stuff moved from the storage room, our basement makes our family look like hoarders.

IMG_1247 It doesn’t look so bad, until you realize that behind those two stacks of bins on the left side is actually a now inaccessible door to a bedroom.

After we got everything cleaned up and the water situation under control, we were informed from the city that they were busy tonight so no one can come out until the morning. Great. No water usage until tomorrow after they come. Now if we have to use the bathroom, everything just has to sit in the toilet. My parents and I mutually agreed that if we had to go Number Two, we would do it in the basement bathroom.

This also means I won’t be able to shower in the morning. That means no exercise for me because I don’t want to smell like sweat in my French final. I’d be okay with it but the person next to me might not be!

After all of this trouble, it was about 9:00 pm and I was going to get back to studying but I decided I would go help my mom shovel the snow first. My dad’s been sick all week so I didn’t want him to go out and if my mom went out alone, he’s just the kind of guy who would go out to help her even when he’s sick. I figured it was better for me to go out in the cold and shovel than him.

It was actually really nice out. Cold, mind, but when dressed appropriately it is quite refreshing. There was no wind this evening and there is something about the brisk winter air that is so fresh. Winter air is SO much better than summer air. This is one of the reasons why I don’t mind being outside in the cold.Β  That, and you don’t notice the cold as much when you’re shoveling all the snow. Speaking of which, there was a lot to remove from the sidewalk, driveway and back patio. It’s been snowing relentlessly all week; we’ve probably gotten three feet of snow in the last little bit.

IMG_1251 I’m really okay with it, though. I love snow. I love the way it looks in the yard and when it descends from the the skies. Winter skies can be very beautiful in their own right, too, because the light from the moon and stars – and city lights – can be reflected off all of the snow and this actually brightens up the night sky. Sometimes, around midnight when the moon is highest, the skies can be an almost orange colour and outside will be about as light as 5:00 pm. I am talking about 5:00 pm here in Saskatoon in the winter, where the sun sets anytime between 4:00 and 5:00.

We didn’t finish shoveling all of the fresh snow until nearly ten, which is why I find myself writing this blog post so late. I decided I didn’t have enough time to put together what I originally wanted (my newest ‘The Collector’ post) so I used my quick thinking and determined it would be alright if I shared the events of today with you instead. We’ll have to wait for ‘The Collector Part 3’ for another day when I have more time.

That’s the joy of life sometimes. It’s unexpectedness. Many times I start my week planning what I will do that week – including what I will post on my blog each day that week – but I never seem to follow it completely. I think it’s because I like to pretend that I’m organized, but when I get down to it I’m really an ‘in the moment’, impulsive kind of person.

Now I feel like I should address this title, but I think it’s really quite obvious. The moral of this story is that I should have been studying more before today and also this afternoon instead of decorating for Christmas. I can plan to study for a particular time, but sometimes life happens as it did today. I guess I could’ve decided to buckle down, screw my blog and study instead of write this, but that would be something a really engaged, learned student does. That’s not me. (Don’t worry any bloggers out there who feel like my mother – you’ll know I’m directing this at you, in particular, if you can get what I mean by that – I’m an honours student with an average above 85%, which is like an A-/A if you’re used to letters). πŸ˜‰

That being said, I think it’s about time to get off this blog and attempt some hardcore studying. It’s French, though, my best class, which is the reason that I’m not too worried about the final. Not this past summer, but the one before, I went on an exchange program to Quebec – the French-speaking province of Canada – where I became practically fluent and, since then, I’ve felt like I’ve been ahead in my French class and I always score high. I’m glad that it is my first final because I have more time to study for the more difficult ones coming up next week.

When I was out shoveling I snapped this next photo for you, which I will use to end my blog. It’s the outside of my house all lit up for Christmas and looking beautiful. I apologize for the blur in my photo. I am using my iPhone, am not a professional photographer and this was clearly taken at night.

Nevertheless, isn’t it wonderful?

IMG_1257Thanks for reading!

Till Next,


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10 thoughts on “There’s A Moral To Every Story

  1. Good job! (Helping out your parents) πŸ˜‰

  2. What a great story!! Love that photo of your house lit up.

    • Thanks so much! Do you want to know a secret? Those trees in the front yard are all fake, indoor Christmas Trees that my parents found REALLY CHEAP last year after Christmas! haha I’m surprised how real they look once all the snow is on them! Thanks for commenting!

    • Thanks! haha If we wanted real ones it would’ve taken maybe 3-4 years to grow that big. It’s a time saver AND they will forever remain four feet tall!!

  3. No snow here, just rain. Rain that I don’t have to shovel. hahahaha 😳 And don’t you just love car trouble? I’ve got a pesky “check engine light” I need to put a piece of tape over so I can’t see it. πŸ™‚ I hope you get your water problem fixed. The lights on your house look really nice.

    • Well you just about touched bases with everything I posted about! Thanks Doug for always being awesome. The water situation is under control. Turns out it was roots from our big tree outside that were getting stuck in the pipes. Problem (and a whole lot of water) fixed and cleaned up. Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚ Oh, and how did you get that flashing face?

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