I was wondering what to post about today, but I wasn’t really feeling up to posting much. I have some posts planned for later this week and weekend, but for some of them, they will only work on specific days this week (you’ll just have to see why). My blog schedule for the week left a gap today and I was originally going to write a post about characters in novels and how to ‘get inside their heads’ to make them effective, but I only got through about half of that idea and found I didn’t have the drive today to finish. During my ‘brainstorming’ session for a new post idea and fresh idea, I decided I would check out new posts from the wonderful blogs I follow. Sometimes these posts are so good (not as good as mine, mind, but good enough) that I get some inspiration. I found one that I wanted to share because it is very touching.
It comes from a wonderful blogger who, over the last couple months, I’ve become fairly good friends with – as good of friends you can be only meeting online. Her name is Alison and her blog is always abounding with tender and wistful insights into her life, beautiful pictures that say more than her words, funny stories that always make me laugh and enough meaning behind her posts that I often find myself re-reading and having to interpret them. She really is a gifted writer and a very genuine person. Please read this perfectly crafted post of hers that shares Alison’s vulnerable side, something she is not ashamed to show. After reading this, I hope you’ll take some time to dig deeper into her blog. Trust me when I tell you you’ll find some great stuff.
Thanks for reading!
Till Next,

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