Two Poems On Lost Love

Alright, I know I’m only 19 (I’ll actually be 20 in 20 days, but this is irrelevant) and can’t know everything there is to know about love…I’m actually not even sure I know anything about love (as in not husband-wife type thing). I guess I haven’t given it much thought and I am really not interested in getting married anytime soon. Clearly, I haven’t got the ‘marriage itch’ yet but I was told to ‘give it a few years and it’ll come’. It’s just never really crossed my mind.

Sometimes, though, I need to think about this for writing a story and I have to get into the mindset of certain people in different relationships. I try to visualize and imagine how it would feel, but I really don’t know for certain. There have been a few rare instances when inspiration strikes and I want to write about love. I’ve written several ‘love poems’, I guess you could call them. I’m not sharing those with you today. It’s been a rather melancholy day, so I thought I’d share a couple of dreary and dejection poems about wayward love, yearning and people gone astray.


It wasn’t too melancholy today though, because my wonderful mother made Lemon Raspberry Muffins! Yumm! Take a look…if you’re okay being jealous:


Please, though, don’t get plagued with any kind of distress. They’re not too despondent, as they both seem to have an optimistic hue with a glimmer of hope (even if it is futile).

I Love You Still

I love you

I always have

I think about you

And what we could have had

I need you

I always will

I long to feel your touch

I love you still

Come Home

I still see your face

When I close my eyes

I still remember the place

That our love let us fly

I still long for you

In the middle of the night

Won’t you come back home

So we can make things right

I really wanted to try and fit the word lugubrious into this post, but I could find no way of doing so without it seeming like I was trying to fit it in! 😉 So I’ll leave you now, for I have an essay to write, a stats test to study for and now, looming ominously on the horizon is my first final next Friday! And here I thought November was busy….

Good luck to everyone who’s still got a couple more hours of NaNoWriMo!!

Till Next,


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